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Top Post-COVID-19 Social Commerce Trend: Instagram Marketing

Daria Halchack is the CEO and Founder of a Singapore brand development platform: Gipnetix. In this article, Daria shares her insider insights about social commerce trends in 2021. She will also explain why Instagram marketing still matters.

Instagram is one of the platforms worth your investment. Now is definitely the time to learn how you can use the platform to drive revenue and develop your brand.

Top Post-COVID-19 Social Commerce Trend: Instagram Marketing

Every new brand starts with Instagram marketing for a reason though — it’s so easy to encourage consumers to not only discover your product but to buy and try it out.

Why Instagram Marketing Matters

According to a recent report, younger consumers are going to social commerce. Users in their early 20s and 30s do half of their shopping exclusively online, especially when it comes to the fashion branch of businesses.

As the CEO and Founder of a Gipnetix Pte LTD, — Daria knows from her experience the tendency that people who want to create their own brand always subconsciously imply to the specific age category – their peers.

The reason is simple: they know what they want and what they like; everything else is strategy. Daria quite agrees that the excitement of discovering a new brand on social media is the main force for consumers to finish the purchase or make a deal. Gipnetix makes it happen by helping their client to convert this joy into a consumer’s action.

Also, 2020 became a deal-breaker: social platforms have evolved their experience to become more conducive to shopping behavior than ever. Social commerce is hitting its stride now.

Just think it over: last year in the USA almost 73% of marketers used Instagram for social media marketing!

We cannot argue that Instagram has a huge impact on people and businesses on a daily basis. Entertainment, communication, learning and commerce – all this is here.

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But it only seems simple to start Instagram marketing because the main obstacle is the very first step – ‘Where do I start?’. Gipnetix assures the business aspirants that their team is there for them to overcome the intimidation and navigate through the marketing tips.

How Instagram Marketing Works

There are different Instagram marketing strategies, and businesses would want to consider advertising and influencer marketing (paid tactic) and creating their own organic content (unpaid tactic).

According to Daria, Instagram suits the ‘promote your business’ best. Marketing teams can try different tactics to accomplish both their short and long-term goals like selling their products or services. It also includes getting more followers, broadening the audience, building partnerships with other brands, and so on.


Daria’s best advice for big and small businesses is to use organic content. It’s one of the best tools out there: the whole content is unpaid, plus it represents the heart of your brand.

In case businesses want to keep their sales rate high and their audience interested – this is the way to go. She also added to embrace the beauty of this strategy: you keep up with the soft way with quality, regularity, and authenticity.

Daria follows big beauty brands myself – the charm of haute couture is so alluring. Some years ago, she used to buy fashion magazines monthly to enjoy the two-in-one art and brand commerce. Now it’s right here on her phone, tablet, or laptop 24/7, fresh and easily accessible. Shoppable posts are what replaced magazines for me and millions of other people around the world.

Released in 2018, the feature of Instagram Shopping helped the platform become the key to eCommerce and marketing: it allows them to make a purchase inside of the app unlocking unlimited opportunities for businesses. Whether it’s accessories and fashion brands or any other business, all business owners need to do is to post a photograph with a model wearing your product.

A potential customer can tap on the post, check the price, view and buy the item immediately directly in the Instagram app. Once you opened this door by creating your Instagram Shop – your brand is top-notch.

What is Influencer Marketing

Now let’s talk about the most popular form of social media marketing – influencer marketing. The best thing about it is that it’s universal in every way possible.

Big old-school corporate brands can also see potential in this because no matter who they are – tech giant or design conglomerate – they cannot ignore it. Instagram influencers have grown their audience by making organic content in a unique niche and style. It’s a win-win situation.

As a big brand, you can find the right influencer to promote your brand and boost followers. While as an influencer, you can expand your audience with big brand recognition.

What is good about influencer marketing is the possibility of cross-brands promotion.  You can partner up with three or even more brands at the same entry. Using three marketing channels helps you spread the word about your content exponentially.

Clients have to realize how important it is to understand that eCommerce is all about personality and ‘face.’ The secret is to stay credible and original.


Success is the process and not just the result. The dedicated team of professionals at Gipnetix will help businesses create an effective plan and marketing strategy. They are here to unravel the full potential of corporates or personal brands and guide them toward their goals.

Every piece of content should have the ‘vibe’ which reflects the company’s brand and aesthetics. This will make them easily recognizable for any audience and strengthen the image of high-quality content.

Whether you decide to implement social commerce trends in your marketing strategy or not, remember that the pandemic has changed the world.

To sum, Instagram marketing is still a great tool to consider and if it doesn’t work out — well, you can always focus on something else.


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