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10 Instagram Post Ideas you Must Try

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users globally and has become the right place to showcase skills and promote businesses.

10 Instagram Post Ideas you Must Try

But making money through Instagram requires patience and new ideas. You need to separate yourself from the crowd and give your followers unique and creative content they can’t get anywhere else. Therefore, to help you build a strong presence, I have shared some top post ideas for you to try.

Use these post ideas as a starting point. After you post enough content, you can use an Instagram analytics tool to analyze your content and see what posts perform best and create more of the same. 

10 Instagram ideas to spice up your account

1. Tips and tutorials

Tutorials are easy to consume. A tutorial under 60 seconds grabs your audience’s attention. The tutorial should be clear, valuable, and of course, engaging. 

For instance, you can show 

  • How to cook a delicious meal
  • How to pose like a model
  • How to speak English Fluently 
  • Dining etiquettes 

The content you create should range from in-feed posts to stories, and reels like reels Instagram  Try to share tips that are valuable and can be used daily.

For instance, you can show

  • How to start investing at a young age
  • Tips for glowing skin
  • Tips for long and healthy hair
  • Tips on the trading of stocks and cryptocurrency

The tutorials can range from simple video recordings from real life to animations. There are a lot of top video editors and animators that can help you create quality videos. 

2. Product pictures and videos 

Is your business new to Instagram? Then create a buzz in the market by uploading behind the scene pictures and videos of your products. This builds curiosity in the audience, and they will eagerly want to know how the product works. Use in-feed posts, stories, and reels to post your content.

A few days before the D-day, start the countdown through a series of posts. Once the product is launched, associate your product with your brand values. Share how it is going to solve the pressing problem of your audience. This is going to generate enthusiasm among your audience. 

Lastly, keep your product posts interesting. Make a visually engaging post and write a caption worth reading.

3. Contests

Contents and giveaways are evergreen methods for generating engagement and growing your Instagram brand page quickly. They will increase your followers and likes too. For even more rapid expansion, consider exploring the best sites to buy Instagram followers, which can provide an instant boost to your online presence and credibility.

 Before running a contest, remember to plan the following details: 

  • The rules
  • The eligibility criteria 
  • The prize
  • The deadline
  • The date when you will announce the winner. 

 As an influencer or a blogger, you could giveaway products like:

  • Makeup
  • Clothes 
  • Amazon gift coupon 
  • A stay at a 5-star hotel 

  As a business, you can give prizes like:

  • A useful hamper
  • The outfit you designed
  • Invite them to your store and handover a hamper

4. Create a shoppable post

If you run an eCommerce store, Instagram lets you tag products in your posts. This can play a vital role in driving more traffic and sales. As people can find the link right in your post instead of having to go to the link in bio. So, make sure you take advantage of it. 

5. Before and after pictures

Who doesn’t like to see a change? Create posts that include before and after pictures.

If you execute it well, your engagement is going to shoot up significantly.

If you are an influencer or a blogger, show before and after pictures of:

  • Makeup
  • A corner in your room
  • Your balcony
  • Redesign your old outfit

If you are a brand, show before and after pictures of:

  • How your product helps a customer
  • How your product adds value to a room
  • Change in the face or overall body

6. User-generated content

As a brand, it is essential to post stories, pictures, and videos created by your users. It will make them feel special and is going to help your brand reach more customers

For instance, you can post:

  • The art
  • The photographs 
  • The makeup
  • The outfits
  • The décor

The possibilities are endless here. People publish millions of posts every day. 

7. Quote images

Everyone on earth needs inspiration at some point in their life. It reminds them to be grateful and it encourages them to work hard and believe in themselves.

 This is why you should share quote images. You can make them quickly. You simply take a photo, overlay your quote, and beautify the rest of the image. 

8. Promote a sale

Discounts and offers boost sales anywhere, even on Instagram. It could be a clearance sale, buy one, get one, or a flat 50% discount. Whenever you have a discount you can promote it on Instagram. You can also run Instagram exclusive discounts. 

 It’s really important not to offer discounts all the time. It’s going to defame your brand. And of course, the consumers will always wait for you to post deals and stop buying the products at the original price. This way your profits dwindle.

9. Share a meme

Creating and sharing memes and fun challenges is a great way to make your audience laugh. It also increases your engagement and boosts your energy.

Make sure your memes are funny, and they don’t hurt anyone. It shouldn’t objectify the audience’s values, color, ethics, and harm any person or a brand. 

10. Behind the scenes

What’s a great way to engage your audience or customers? Show them what goes behind creating valuable content or a product.

If you let your customers know the behind-the-scenes of your company, you will help them invest themselves emotionally in your company. 

For instance, it could be:

  • An employee working at their desk
  • How a machine works
  • Sourcing and stitching an outfit

With the ever-changing Instagram algorithm and user preferences, coming up with fresh and new ideas can be challenging. I hope these 10 ideas will help your brand reach more success. 


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