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3 Ways to See Your Instagram Profile Viewers

To keep your followers engaged and to see who is your active follower, it would be great to know who views your profile and when.

3 Ways to See Your Instagram Profile Viewers

However, Instagram itself doesn’t allow you to see directly who visits your profile.

The reason for a ban like this is a large number of Instagram users who are not posting photos, Stories or videos but only lurk around and ‘’stalk’’ others.

This means that if you could see who views your profile, it would be bad for business. Instagram risks losing users, as those who don’t post on a regular basis would probably delete the account.

Another reason why seeing who views your profile can be useful is because of the users who have a public account.

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That way they can find out who, except for their followers, visits their profile.

If you want to grow your business, increase the number of followers or likes, you should be able to have all the analytical information to help you on your way. As there is a story viewer option available, users need to find something to figure out the Instagram feed viewer.

Even though you can’t see who views your profile, you can invest in your business by buying followers, likes or views via Easy Fans! That way you can become successful without having specific information about your visitors.

The simplest answer to the question of whether or not you can see who views your profile is no, you can’t see that. However, there are some other ways to find some things out.

Let’s check them!

Third-party apps

To give you the potential answer to the question of who stalks you, many apps decided to dedicate their work to find out who views your profile.

And there are plenty of apps of this kind. However, they all have poor ratings as they don’t actually work.

This means that even if you download the app and check the list suggested as the list of your stalkers, that doesn’t give you any valuable information.

The names are usually random users and followers, and the list changes every time you open it.

In addition, and more importantly, those apps are a threat to your privacy. They collect your data right away when you log in.

Of course, they can even charge you for their fake service.

Instagram Stories and Highlights

One way to find out who views your posts is through your Stories and Highlights.

They can be used as a feature to see who visited your profile recently.

All you have to do is to tap on the profile picture icons on your Instagram Story in the bottom left corner. The list of all the users who’ve seen your Story will show up, including those who are not your followers (if your account is public).

This can have one other important role – you can identify who checks your profile and doesn’t follow you.

If you think or decide you don’t want to share your posts and Stories with them, you can block them and forbid them to see your posts.

To do this, you have to select ‘’Hide Story’’ on the person’s profile (the menu button on the right side of the user’s name).

Instagram business accounts

The broadest information about followers who view your account can be collected if you have a business account.

That way, you’ll be able to see the most important information about your profile’s visitors, such as their location, gender, age-range, and the time they spend on your profile.

However, even on this feature, you won’t be able to see their names.

If the information listed above is something you’re interested in, then you can easily turn your profile into a business account simply by tapping on ‘’switch to business profile’’ in your settings.

Private account

If your motivation for seeing who views your profile comes from a wish to share your posts only with your followers, you have to check if your profile is set on ‘’private’’.

If you have a public account, anyone who clicks on your name can watch your posts, stories, and highlights.

So, to make sure that people you don’t know can’t see your activity, go to settings, turn your account into a private one and view private Instagram.

In conclusion, you can never see directly the names of people who visit your profile. However, there are some ways you can find out how engaged they are, what is their age range, etc.

If you don’t care about the statistics but only want to increase the engagement rate on your profile, make sure you buy Instagram likes or views on Easy Fans!


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