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How to use Instagram Reels for Marketing

Instagram is now an active platform for marketing your products. Stories, videos, photos, and now Reels offer users diverse ways to showcase their products and services to many people, increasing their reach on Instagram.

Initially, Instagram reels got criticized for copying the Tik-Tok design. However, over the years, it has become one of the most entertaining features getting you more engagement on Instagram. Everyone from your classmate to the milkman is on a roll. Reels also grew popular as a result of Tik-Tok getting banned in multiple countries over privacy concerns. As a result, all the Tik-Tok creators in the country turned to Instagram reels.

Today it has become a central and impactful tool for marketing your business. The endless scrolling of your target audience is leveraged to draw attention to products and services. If you also want to take your business to the next level and learn how to use Instagram reels for marketing to increase reach on Instagram, continue reading this article.

1, Produce Educational Videos

You might wonder how I can create educational reels if I sell cosmetics. How will educational reels increase reach on Instagram or get more engagement on Instagram?

Then let me explain it to you with an example. If you own a cosmetics brand, you can create a reel teaching how to have the perfect facelift using your concealer or contour stick. It is how you use the potential of an educational reel. Similarly, there can be reels like how to style one skirt in five ways or the top five recipes using XYZ brand mayonnaise. Educational reels create a necessity in the viewers’ mind which make your products appear as a must-buy.

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2. Distribute User Generated Content

Sharing user-generated content is the key to communicating the authenticity of your brand. Think about it. Would you trust a brand endorsed by a top celebrity in a fancy advertisement or a brand suggested by a colleague/friend/acquaintance?

The latter, right? It is because you trust people similar to you. It is their reviews that support the authenticity of the brand. You can post their video reviews on your platform or create a compilation of multiple reviews.

When influencers purchase from your brand, and you post their reviews, they are more likely to report. As a result, your brand comes in front of a large follower base of the influencer, increasing your Instagram reach.

3. Make Special Offers and Sales Public

Everyone loves some sales and offers. It is why malls get flooded with crowds of people during the sales season. You can use reels to announce the sales on your banner. Any offer or sale will attract immediate customer attention. A lot of people also keep an eye out for sudden sales.

However, make sure that your reels inform them about the sale or offer within the first 5–10 seconds. It is only when the user realizes that the reel is about a sale that they will continue to watch and help you get more engagement on Instagram.

Thus, your reels should showcase the products with a little exaggeration to create curiosity and interest in the sale and the reel.

4. Marketing via influencers

This term has become popular thanks to Instagram. Influencers are small-scale celebrities who have achieved fame through social media platforms. Their following on various platforms is helpful for brands to come to light and reach more customers.

You can collaborate with influencers from your niche or similar niche to create reels using your products. It serves the dual purpose of reaching out to their large user base and also showcasing our products in action. If you are a clothing brand, they can see how your clothes fit, and if you are a cosmetics brand, they can see how well the results are.

You can also ask influencers to review your products apart from a try-on reel. Reviews appear more reliable and legitimate to the audience, thus building trust.

5. Be Truthful

Being a full-fledged business, commitment and professionalism lie at the core of everything, but not for Instagram reels. Gone are the days when people enjoyed a well-suited man speaking for your brand in front of the camera, lights, and fans. If you want people to follow your brand and develop a greater affinity for it, you need to make them feel closer to it.

But how do we do that? Go crazy with your Instagram reels. Share what happened behind the glamourous photoshoots. It is can be either the struggles and mishaps of getting the perfect shot or tit-bits from employees, etc.

Reels have a large number of users, the majority of whom are young people. It is this section of the population, specifically the targeted as a consumer for the majority of brands today.

They target young consumers who enjoy experimenting with fashion and value comfort and fun. They are the most potential customers who love to buy new and innovative products. It is what makes reel marking the perfect instrument to reach them.

As a business owner, your competition is large, so you must keep updating your social media marketing strategy to stay ahead of rival brands.

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