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Instagram Secrets: Get More Likes And Comments With These 7 Tips

The secret to achieving success on Instagram is to acquire a large, engaged following. Getting more likes and comments on your content can help boost your account to the next level. Follow these top tips to get more likes and comments on Instagram.

Besides having a large following, it’s essential that your followers actively engage with your content. Getting many comments, likes, and views regularly on your posts will help to increase the discoverability of your account and the visibility of your content.

The most popular post on Instagram as of December 2022, is a photo posted on Lionel Messi’s account of him and his teammates after winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which received over 61 million likes within a day.

While achieving that level of engagement on your content may seem out of reach, you should still aim to achieve a good engagement rate for your content. The amount of comments and likes you get on your content really does matter.

In this article, we’ll let you in on the secret to getting more likes and comments on Instagram with our 7 top tips to follow.

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Importance Of Increasing Engagement With Your Posts

Increased engagement makes your content more visible in your followers’ news feeds. Your account will also become more discoverable as your content will be promoted to other users in their news feeds as “suggested content,” in search results, and in the Explore page.

When posts receive a lot of engagement, a signal is sent to the Instagram algorithm that your content is popular and valued.

Your content is then prioritized and promoted to a wider audience on the platform. This potentially attracts even more engagement on your posts and new followers.

It’s important to have a great strategy in place to get more likes and comments on your content. These engagement interactions are ranked highly by the algorithm as they reflect direct and true interaction with your content.

Your social proof is heightened when users see many likes and comments on your content as your account appears more popular. Having more likes and comments on your content also helps you to connect and relate to your audience.

Increasing your engagement rate ultimately leads to more exposure and profitability for brands and businesses on Instagram.

Secrets To Get More Instagram Likes And Comments

How do you effectively increase engagement with your posts? Here are our top 7 tips to help you get more likes and comments on your Instagram posts:

#1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

The presentation of your Instagram profile is crucial to gaining new followers and retaining them. A boring or disorganized profile reflects badly on you and leads to users overlooking your account. Create a great first impression for new visitors to your account. Your profile should be captivating, complete, and aesthetically pleasing, especially as Instagram is mostly a visual platform. Brands and businesses, ensure that everything on your profile is consistent and in line with your brand’s visual identity.

  • Set your account to public mode and have a short identifiable username. This makes it easier for users to find your account in searches.
  • Your profile picture should be a high-quality and legible picture accurately reflecting your brand image. Use professional photos or even your business logo. Keep in mind that Instagram profile pictures are limited in size on your account.
  • Complete your bio and make it brief, informative, intriguing, and updated. It should tell users what you’re about and why you’re unique. It’s your “sales pitch” for what users can expect if they follow your account. Include relevant keywords and trending hashtags in your bio to increase your account’s discoverability.
  • With only one link allowed in your bio, use a SmartLink like Linktree to link users out to a single page containing your multiple links.

Having an optimized profile will draw more users to follow your account. When they follow your account, the opportunity increases for them to see your content in their news feeds. If they see your content, there’s a greater chance that they will engage with your content.

#2. Have An Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Besides having an optimized Instagram profile, don’t forget that when users land on your account, they will also view your feed to see if it’s worthwhile following your account.

You shouldn’t underestimate the value of having an aesthetically pleasing feed grid on your profile. It will attract more engagement with your content.

All content in your feed grid should be consistent with your brand image. The top 9 blocks of your grid feed are the most important.

Use the same filter for all your image posts. Try different effects such as a checkerboard, puzzle, or 3 vertical or horizontal panorama images in your grid.

Use tools like Later’s Visual Planner to help you plan your grid feed and to view how your profile looks to users.

#3. Focus On Instagram SEO In Captions

There is great benefit in using trending hashtags in your captions, but don’t overlook the power of keywords to increase the discoverability of your account. Instagram SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important to increase your reach to a wider audience.

A wider audience could lead to increased engagement. Users predominantly discover new content through Instagram searches.

Incorporate relevant and often searched-for keywords in your captions specific to the target audience or niche industry you want to reach. Users will then find your content in searches, especially if your content ranks high.

When users search specific keywords, the algorithm takes note of this and may promote your content in their feeds as “suggested content”.

Find relevant keywords to use in your captions by using the Instagram search bar itself. Start typing in words, and the autofill suggestion will show you the relevant terms or phrases often searched for.

If you want to do more in-depth keyword research, use a free online keyword tool like Semrush’s free Keyword Magic Tool.

#4. Buy IG Likes From A Service Provider

Get more likes on your posts from a professional service provider from which you can buy instant Instagram likes. When you buy Instagram likes, instant delivery is important.

The likes need to be delivered quickly and strategically to your posts to signal to the algorithm that your content is valuable and interesting to users.

You should only buy cheap Instagram likes from a reputable and trusted service provider. Buy real Instagram likes and comments derived only from high-quality active accounts. You can click here to buy Instagram comments.

Buying any engagement interactions for Instagram posts that come from bots or low-quality accounts will be detrimental to your account’s success.

Have a look at the following page to buy Instagram likes fast. You can buy likes for Instagram from Skwezer, which are strategically delivered to your posts to increase your engagement and boost your social proof.

Buy other interactions from Skweezer, too, like Instagram comments and views.


#5. Leverage User Generated Content

Share user-generated content on your account. This could be screenshots of positive customer reviews or success stories and even videos of users using your products or services. Get permission from the content creators first before posting the content on your account.

What’s great about posting user-generated content is that it’s relatable for your followers, helps prove your authenticity, boosts brand loyalty and trust, and aids in making your followers feel valued.

User-generated content usually racks up a lot of comments and likes as users feel a sense of community when they engage with the content.

#6. Create Shareable Content

Create high-quality shareable content to post to your account. Your content needs to be informative, inspiring, and interesting so users will want to engage with and share your content.

Focus on creating funny or clever memes, informative infographics, intriguing Carousel posts, striking Reels, and inspirational quotes.

Include content with human faces, such as selfies or group shots, and animals, such as your pets, which have proven to get loads of attention in terms of likes and comments on Instagram.

#.7 Connect With Your Community

Active connect with your community. Your account shouldn’t be one-sided. Regularly engage with your audience and encourage their interaction with your content.

Users will typically engage more with accounts that prove their authenticity and make their followers feel valued.

Start by promptly acknowledging and responding to all comments and DMs you receive. This is a great way to continue the conversation under your posts and to get more users to join in – and more comments for you!

Try running Q&A’s and polls in your Stories or connect with your followers in real-time in Live streams.

taking a photo

A Final Thought: Get More Likes And Comments

As much as a large following on Instagram is important, you need to ensure that your followers are actively engaging with your content if you wish to grow your account any further. It’s essential to try to increase engagement interactions such as comments and likes on your content.

The secret is to put in the effort required and to focus on the different ways to get more likes and comments on your content. Follow the tips we’ve provided such as optimizing your profile or to buy likes on Instagram to see a boost in your engagement rate.

Those likes and comments are within your reach.

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