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Cool Instagram Story Ideas for Your Audience to Never Get Bored.

Instagram stories are an effective way to engage with your followers, they are easy to use and help you stay active on your page as posting regularly is one of the main points to keep in mind if you are trying to make your Instagram page successful. The private Instagram Story viewer is a great tool for viewing others’ stories anonymously.

Now that there is a new update to the photo-sharing application, you can also see who likes your stories as well as replies to your stores. Most of the followers on Instagram usually may not reply to your story but may like it and in this way, you can record how many monthly Instagram likes you are getting on your posts and stories combined.

We have gathered you some cool Instagram story ideas to keep your audience in touch with you without ever really getting bored of your content, but before we start, keep the following in mind:

  • Never post a story without a goal
  • Stick to your niche
  • Do not post low-quality or tacky-looking designs.
  • The more interactive your story is, the better – although that is not always necessary.

Now, onto our ideas for your Instagram stories to help you stand out and spark engagement on Instagram. Here are some core ideas which can help you brainstorm for unique content and build on further:

1. Sneak Peek of a New Product or Service

coming soon


You can use Instagram stories to promote your product or service in a unique and engaging way. Make sure to have some promotional, useful and fun content for your followers and your potential followers, also if you want to attract potential followers, make sure your profile is not private.

To share a sneak peek of your product or service, do not just post the picture of the product/service one fine day, it is better to involve your audience in the development process, keep them hyped up and make sure they remember that you are bringing something new by asking for their feedback.

2. Introduce Your Team to Your Followers.

Everyone likes watching bloopers and behind the screenshots of the team while they are busy with the development process of the product, service, event, and so on.

Followers love to see how you bring them the content, the finished product – it shows them that you are very human when they watch your team goof around and all.

It also helps you to form a bond with your followers that you are not just attractive colors and a logo but a person and have a team of equally human people.

our best team

3. Customer Testimonials.

If you are a business on Instagram, followers begin to trust an Instagram page, even more, when they see testimonials from other customers. We often undermine the power of sharing what our customers think of us. Testimonials are super relatable and push your followers and profile

visitors to try your product/service as well.

customer testimonials

4. Share a Quiz, Poll, or Story Sticker for Engagement

Have fun with your followers by posting something engaging like quizzes or polls, and it is very easy. You can share Yes or No polls, This or That stories or ask your followers something, ask for a suggestion on your recent post or what your next post should be about.

Add stickers to your posts to make them light-hearted and colorful by selecting from the top corner of your stories.

poll quiz

★ Conversation Starters

Conversation starters are a great way to interact with your customers through your Instagram if you are a business, or even if you are not. It can be on a current event, a trend, or just something random, or ask your customers about their experience or thoughts on something.

5. Share a Motivational Quote

This one is a no-brainer. There are millions of motivational and inspirational quotes that you can choose from and even make your own if you have a little bit of a poet in you.

motivational quote

★ The Movie Captures With Subtitles

There are tons of movies in every niche. You can screenshot your favorite line from a movie, whenever you are watching one, turn on the subtitles first. Turn the lines into a collage depending on how long it is and boom! You have a very artistic piece of the story.

6. Share a fun Meme, Pun, or Joke

Memes are the best, and who doesn’t love a little bit of humor. You can either post a meme within your own niche or something that is more random and you have thoughts for it, it could be about an event or a certain opinion that you have an opinion for, and you can express it through memes, easily!

Trust us on this one, most of us love memes and can relate very, very well to this sort of humor.


Last but Not Least,

Your Instagram stories not only help you with interacting with your followers, but it also helps with maintaining your page’s outlook – you can add all your stories to your Instagram Highlights under different categories. This way you do not lose that content and your followers and users who visit your profile can see what you have really been up to without scrolling down.


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