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Interactive Billboard Advertising Ideas and How To Use Them

One of the most efficient forms of advertising is the use of billboards, and even though they might have fallen out of favor for a while because other digital marketing methods took precedence, they are certainly making a comeback – at least, a new version of the billboard is.

Despite taking a small dip during the coronavirus lockdown restrictions, digital billboards have become one of the most popular and successful outdoor marketing methods. As opposed to conventional static billboards, they alternate between various advertisements every minute or so. This makes them more eye-catching and more cost-effective.

If you’re considering using a digital or interactive billboard, here are some ideas to consider.

Make Your Ad Relatable 

It’s critical to stand out in a sea of commercials, but there are a lot of OOH (out-of-home) media rivals to contend with. Because of this, digital screen campaigns that focus on interactivity can make it easy for people to relate their own experiences to your ad, and take time out of their day to interact with it. In a nutshell, if your ad can get a busy commuter to stop what they’re doing and interact with your digital screen ad, there’s a very good chance that they will remember your ad first before your competitors.

Generate A Buzz

Interactive billboard advertising is all about generating exposure for your brand and products or services. The more people see it, the more they will be encouraged to buy from you.  It’s all about sharing.

If you create an interactive ad that can be shared easily, perhaps with a QR code or a hashtag, you can start to build something bigger than the initial billboard could ever be. This is a cost-effective way to advertise – and, if you take advantage of Clear Start by Clear Channel, you’ll can be sure you invest in the right areas, making it an even better way to advertise.

Multiple Messages 

When you use interactive billboards, you can also change the message of your digital ads as needed. For example, you may have released different types of products or services at the same time. Each of these will have a different group of people that you want to buy them. With interactive billboards, you can switch between relevant messages that advertise each of these, taking advantage of different time slots to get the best results possible.

You can also change the address in different messages to send customers to different shops or locations, for example. This kind of flexibility may seem like a small thing, but it can be a crucial factor of targeting marketing campaigns.

Optimize From A Distance 

Billboards are big – that’s the point of them. That means that when you’re designing your interactive billboard, you need to consider how it will look from a distance. This might seem easy, but it may actually take a lot of thought. We’ve all seen those pieces of art that look much better from a distance than close up and vice versa. You need to think about the same idea when coming up with your design if you want to make it pop.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about interactive billboards, how to use them, and some fantastic ideas for optimizing your ad campaign.

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