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Interesting Facts About Digital Signage

Advancements in technology are always providing businesses with new opportunities and advantages. One of the most important tools for any business is the use of signs for promotion, advertising, and customer service information but the development of new technologies has totally changed the world of signs.

digital signage

Of these, the most commonly used is digital signage as it is ideal for reaching out to customers and for promoting products and services as well as syncing businesses across multiple locations. Being a relatively new technology, there are still many businesses that haven’t yet discovered the many advantages which digital signage can bring.

Some Interesting Signage Facts about Digital Signage

To help explain exactly what it is and how it can help your business, here are some interesting facts about digital signage.

Digital Signage is Everywhere

Digital signage is basically just any electronic or digital screen that is used for advertisement, promotion, or information. Digital signage can be found in all kinds of places, from clothing stores to gastropubs.

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The experts from explain that digital signs are an upgrade from the paper posters and banners which businesses used to use and that this is a huge step up on those traditional forms of promotional and advertising material.

Digital signs have a wide range of applications, and once a business has identified the best use of the technology it is incredibly easy to set up. The best digital signage can be linked via cloud technology, allowing businesses to link all of their locations from one central account. This creates flexibility and control, which would have previously been impossible for businesses.

Digital Signage has Transformed In-Store Advertising

Before digital signage was developed, businesses that had more than one store location had to work very hard to create their in-store advertising material and launch their campaign. All of the posters, banners, and leaflets would first need to be designed then they would usually be printed by a professional printing company. Finally, they would need shipping to all of the different stores for decoration. All of this costs a lot of money and takes up a lot of time, and it would need to be done every time a new sale was announced or a new season was on the horizon.

With the introduction of digital signage into multi-location companies, this workload was dramatically reduced. Now, businesses can just design the campaign digitally in-house and then transmit everything to all of the digital signs in their various locations via the cloud. More time and money can therefore be spent on the design element to ensure that the advertising is completely effective.

digital signage

Digital Signage Can Reduce Losses

There are many industries where products have a very limited shelf life, and so to make a profit, items must be sold before their expiration date. In supermarkets and grocery stores, these expiration dates are most applicable to food products, but there are other industries like the fashion industry where items have a shelf life depends on the season.

In both cases, digital signage is very useful as it enables businesses to aggressively promote their products, which are about to expire or become unsellable. These items, if unsold, can cost a business a huge sum of money in losses, so any stock which can be cleared even at a discount reduces these losses.

It is also true for restaurants who are looking to clear out their existing stock because they are planning a menu change and so won’t need the products they have in their refrigerators.

Discount sales material can be quickly designed and displayed on their digital sign so that the restaurant can sell the soon-to-be discontinued food quickly.

Digital Signage Allows a Flexible Menu

There are many restaurants, gastropubs, coffee shops, and other businesses that offer ever-changing specials in addition to their normal menu. These specials allow food and beverage businesses to create a buzz amongst their customers, provide the freshest seasonal items, and test out new ideas that may potentially end up on the regular menu.

Digital signage allows food and beverage businesses to promote these specials without the need to make new posters or write a brand new specials menu every single day. Once a template has been designed on the cloud, all that needs doing is the names of the special menu items need to be changed each day and then displayed on the business’s digital sign to inform customers of today’s offers.

Taking advantage of the benefits of digital signage can really help your business to succeed. It enables you to inform your customers about your products and services, to sync all of your different stores, and to promote a particular product as a special or when it is about to be discontinued. Whatever industry you are in, there are so many fantastic uses of digital signage.

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