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Interior Design & Decoration Business Ideas

There’s no place in the world like home sweet home and this is why everyone wants to have a perfect home. On the other hand, to make the workplace more productive organizations pay huge attention to office design and decoration.

Such a huge demand of interior design and decoration services create a list of opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a business in this niche.

If you feel that interior design and decoration is your thing, but not sure which particular specialized area you should start with, here’s the simplified list. Check out the options and see what suits you best!

interior design and decoration business ideas

1. Home Interior Designer

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2. Office Interior Designer

3. Restaurant & Coffee Shop Interior Designer

4. Hotel Interior Designer

5. Bar Interior Designer

6. Beauty Salon & Spa Interior Designer

7. Pool & Garden Designer

8. Interior Decoration Shop

9. Antique Furniture Refinishing Service

10. Antique Furniture Sales

11. Artificial Plants Business

12. Wallpapers & Decoration Business

13. Basement Remodeling Service

14. Bathtub Re-glazing Service

15. Cabinet & Door Replacement Service

16. Carpet Sales & Installation Business

17. Ceramic Tile Sales and Installation

18. Chimney Repairs Service

19. Christmas Decoration Service

20. Event Specific Decoration Service

21. Closet Organizers

22. Consignment Furniture Store

23. Custom Counter-tops Sales

24. Custom Fireplace Mantels

25. Custom Furniture Covers

26. Designer Pillows & Bedsheets

27. Bed & Bath Business

28. Drapery Studio

29. Driftwood and Log Furniture

30. Fabric Shop

31. Fireplace Installations

32. Local Florist Shop

33. Online Florist & Delivery Service

34. Florist Kiosk

35. Framing Service

36. Furniture Repairs and Finishing Service

37. Futons

38. Hand-Painted Storage Boxes

39. Holiday and Event Decoration

40. Home Decorating Guide

41. Home Office Planner

42. Home Renovation Classes

43. Home Storage Solutions

44. Home Theater Rooms

45. Hot Tub Installations

46. Hotel Art Supply

47. House Preparation Service

48. Interior and Exterior House Painting

49. Interior Landscaping Service

50. Junkyard Furniture Creations

51. Kitchen Facelift Service

52. Lamp Shades

53. Lighting Shop

54. Linen Supply Service

55. Matting and Framing Shop

56. Mattress Shop

57. Mirror Art

58. Mirror Installations

59. Mobile Paint Spraying

60. Molding Installations

61. Mosaic Tile Creations

62. Nursery Designer

63. Office Dividers

64. Online Fabric Shop

65. Online Home Repair Advice

66. Paint And Wallpaper Store

67. Party Balloon Service

68. Patio Furniture Retailer

69. Paving Consultant

70. Quilt Sales

71. Safe Installations

72. Shared Office Center

73. Showroom Props

74. Skylight Installations

75. Specialty Rug Sales

76. Staircases

77. Store Display Cases

78. Theme Bunk Beds

79. Theme Toy Boxes

80. Used Furniture Store

81. Victorian Moldings

82. Wallpapering Service

83. Window And Door Repair Service

84. Window Boxes And Shutters

85. Window Displays

86. Window Shutters and Blinds

87. Windows Installation

88. Garden & Lawn Designer

89. Gardener Services

90. Garden Materials Supplier

91. Interior Design & Decoration Blog

92. Interior Design & Decoration Event Organizer

93. Home & Gardens Exhibitions Organizer

94. Home & Garden Events Reviewer

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.