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What Internet Cafe Billing Software to Choose?

In the past, Internet cafes were so popular because they provided access to a high-quality Internet connection, decent computers, and consoles. Now everyone has a computer with Internet access at home and cyber cafes have gradually become obsolete.

But lately, there has been a cybercafe renaissance as gamers begin to visit it once again. If you had an Internet cafe business idea, it is prime time to implement it. Esports is a professional sport and millions of gamers come together at cyber cafes to play alongside each other.

In order to start such type of business, you will need Internet cafe billing software, and in this article, we will go through some of the best options.


When looking for the most versatile and high-quality Internet cafe management software, SENET takes first place among competitors thanks to its customizability and versatility.

This is a multifaceted software designed for cyber cafes, gaming arenas, and other esports projects. This program is crucial for your business plan as it can handle the following processes:

  • Billing the Internet cafe visitors;
  • Blocking unnecessary programs on client devices and only providing access to the games;
  • Controlling client PCs and consoles remotely from an admin panel;
  • Connecting to the cloud storage to have access to admin commands all the time;
  • Updating client software and installing games simultaneously, etc.

Customers can also create personal accounts to reserve their favorite PCs and pay right away. Overall, this software can handle almost every process at a cyber cafe and greatly improve the workflow.


This software is generally used in places with limited Internet access such as hotels, malls, cafes, etc. It can be also used in the Internet cafe business thanks to its ability to bill the Internet traffic consumption and provide limited access for the users.

With Antamedia it is possible to create admin and client accounts to have remote control over the client PCs. Its main function is billing the device users. You can divide all equipment in your Internet cafe by price and set different pricing for PCs and consoles.


This is a well-known cyber cafe management software because it has been around for many years. It was offering Internet cafe management features in the beginning, but as the years went by, more features for gaming spaces were added.

This program allows players to pay for all services right from their PCs without going to the manager. If a player creates an account in SmartLaunch, they can pay for the games and time spent on the Internet online.


This is a nice and simple free solution for Internet cafe owners. PanCafePro accepts payments from cyber cafe customers, limits access to Windows programs, allows managing computers and consoles remotely from the admin PC, tracks inventory in your cafe, and more.

This basic software can be useful for beginner-level Internet cafes or in collaboration with other software, but in most cases, it is insufficient to use PanCafePro alone. It has not been improved in a while and requires support.


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