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Interview with Hanan Selim; an Amazing Mompreneur from Agriculture Industry in the UAE;

“I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids. My children are part of my inspiration to pursue my passion in life; to help them and future generations have an abundance of healthy Organic Food and healthy choices is my goal. There are too many choices for fast foods and not enough awareness on the healthier ones”, says Hanan Selim. She’s the lady behind the healthy food business “Organic Food Trading”.

Interview with Hanan Selim

We lately had a short interview with Hanna to know her recipe of success and she told us some amazing stuff. Let’s meet her without wasting a single moment!


1- What are major challenges in your industry?

Overcoming the heat, soil testing and producing an effective agricultural plan is something really challenging. I am, however, fortunate to be part of a great team to overcome any agricultural difficulties.


2- How difficult was it for you to setup this business?

 My business had several stages; each needed a different approach and ideas and so needed parallel effort to innovate!


3- What do you think is the biggest challenge to become a mompreneur?

The biggest challenge for me becoming mompreneur was to have the courage to become so. To be able to put your fears aside and have persistence with any obstacles you may face on your journey.


4- What 3 characteristics should a business startup have to become a success?

 First; it should be something you’re passionate about. (You may be interested in knowing how to transform your passion into a successful business)

Second; stay focused on that passion.

Third; do everything with that purpose in mind and see any failure as a temporary defeat that brings you closer to your success.

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5- Your recipe of success in one sentence?

Passion mixed with a lot of persistence, faith, and belief.


6- How important reading (books/magazines/online publications) is for entrepreneurs in your opinion?

I believe reading is very important. An entrepreneur must have greater imagination and innovation to grow business in the right direction which comes from reading. Successful entrepreneurs believe they need to know a little about everything and not need to be an expert in everything; so you must know about all the factors affecting your business. Reading enables you to have the better idea when an expert is working on a problem.


7- What is the best way to deal tough competitors in your opinion?

Imagination and Innovation are one’s best attributes. Be the best at what you are offering and focus on your own purpose.


8- Any failures that you’d like to share?

I believe failures are temporary defeats that put you on the right path to success. “What helped you overcome the greatest obstacles of Life?” was asked to a highly successful entrepreneur.”The other obstacles” he replied.


9- Where does your husband/partner stand in your success? And how much important is such support for a mompreneur?

My husband and family is part of my success. No man or woman can rise to success without carrying others along with them. No one can succeed alone without the support of others.


10- Any tips/advice for Startup Guys’ readers.

Read “The laws of success” by Napoleon Hill. Read lots of books and research best way to launch your business and be flexible to change.


For Hanan, being an entrepreneur is a work in progress. She is always learning to improve her business and keeps on creating new visions to bigger goals. Imagination and innovation are great tools to use to always improve one’s business for the better. Hope Hanan’s success story will not only boost your motivation but will resolve some of your key obstacles being a mompreneur as well!

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