Investment Partners are Micro-Managing; How to Deal the Situation?

Micromanagement is good but only to a certain extent. You may have come across many cases in which the micromanagement of a business has led to undesirable results.

Micromanagement is basically a management style which is characterized by extreme control or too much interference by the managers.

Sometimes, the stakeholders in the business, especially the investment partners tend to judge the entire business operations just by looking at your action or two, this practice is wrong and will not ever give a clear picture of the outcome.


To counteract the micromanagement by the investment partners, the following are the measures that you can adopt.

Talk it out

As it’s their money which is also at the stake, it’s obvious for them to be concerned. You must try to make them understand that the process is still ongoing. Instill confidence in them by your talks and updating about the plans and the progress.


Don’t let pessimism hurt your self confidence

If your work is sound and you are confident about it then you need to ensure that the constant nit-picking do not affect your self confidence at all and you must try to achieve the success.


Appraise higher authority

If the situation is going out of the hands and your work is being affected by the constant nagging, you should approach the highest authority and appraise him or her about the difficulties that you are facing due to constant nagging.

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