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Investment Partners are Micro-Managing; How to Deal the Situation?

Micromanagement is a good thing in many ways, but that too only to a certain extent. You may have come across many cases in which the micromanagement has led to undesirable results, whether it is the business owner or the manager who is doing so.

Micromanagement is basically an old school management style which is characterized by extreme control or too much interference by the managers. And, honestly, in today’s business world this concept doesn’t really sound fit either for the manager or for the people being micromanaged.

We are living in an economy where time is money, and the best way for a business to grow fast is to develop autonomous teams who are not just responsible for the tasks they have been assigned, but also take initiative to bring into new profitable ideas for the business growth.

Sometimes, however, the stakeholders in the business, especially the investment partners tend to judge the entire business operations just by looking at your action or two, this practice is wrong and will not ever give a clear picture of the outcome.

Since, the investment partners are of highest important for any startup, and ideally you should follow a strategy to keep them satisfied. But their micromanagement on the other hand can be quite frustrating and may impact your business negatively.

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This article will discuss few quick ways to counteract the micromanagement by the investment partners, in order to make sure that your business stays on the growth track.

1- Talk it out

As it’s their money which is also at the stake, it’s obvious for them to be concerned, but you must try to make them understand right from the beginning. Ideally, the initial investment agreement should contain the rights and limitations of both the parties. In case, if you couldn’t devise such an agreement earlier, it is recommended to create one as soon as possible and tell them that this is a step towards defining organizational procedures and protocols.

2- Don’t let pessimism hurt your self confidence

At times, even after agreeing on clearly defined roles and limitations some investment partners may budge you. If your work is sound and you are confident about it then you need to ensure that the constant nit-picking do not affect your self confidence at all and you must try to achieve the success.

3- Appraise higher authority

If the situation is going out of the hands and your work is being affected by the constant nagging, you should approach the highest authority and appraise him or her about the difficulties that you are facing due to constant nagging.

The Bottom Line:

Startup investors unlike others are more knowledgeable and dynamic people and in most of the cases they know their limits. At times, the investor’s proposal is more viable than yours, but, it is always better to have an agreement about each party’s role to avoid any unpleasant encounters.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.