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5 Things To Do If You’re Involved In A Rideshare Accident

Ridesharing has increased the convenience of people’s daily commutes, especially with the rise of rideshare app companies like Uber and Lyft. Thanks to rideshares, you can conveniently get to unfamiliar cities or anywhere else you need to go when your car is under servicing.

Although rideshares come in handy with many benefits and convenience, they also have flaws. Due to the rising popularity of drivers and riders using rideshare apps, there are more accidents involving Uber and Lyft than ever. 

If you or someone you love gets into a ridesharing accident, there are several legal options that you can take to recover compensation. Hiring expert personal injury attorneys, such as the rideshare accident attorneys at Park Chenaur & Associates, can help you with your case and ensure you receive proper compensation.

Things To Do After A Rideshare Accident

Your actions after your Uber or Lyft crashes significantly affect the verdict of your personal injury lawsuit. Your top priority should be to protect yourself from harm and seek medical attention promptly, especially if you have severe injuries.

After ensuring your safety, you can check on the safety of other passengers and drivers, then contact a personal injury lawyer and the police. Below is a list of things you should do after a rideshare accident.

1. Check For Injuries To Ensure Your Safety And That Of Others

The first step after a collision is to examine yourself for injuries. In this case, you can start by checking for any visible wounds. Next, check on the driver and other passengers, if any. If someone has severe injuries and visible wounds, you mustn’t move them, instead, call for emergency assistance as soon as possible. 

While you may not have any visible injuries on your skin, you may suffer internal injuries, so it is recommended that you seek medical assistance for a checkup. Besides, it is common for your adrenaline to act up when facing such a predicament, and you may not necessarily feel any pain even if you are hemorrhaging. In addition, it’s normal for you to experience post-traumatic stress following the accident.

2. Contact 9-1-1 For Emergency Assistance and Report the Accident To The Authorities

If someone suffers severe injuries or complains about possible injuries, call 9-1-1 immediately. Calling the emergency department can get professional medical assistance to the accident scene to check on the victims for injuries. 

After calling 9-1-1, there is a high possibility that a police officer will arrive at the accident scene shortly after to take down a report. The police report can be used as evidence when filing an insurance claim.

You should also take the initiative to inform the rideshare company that you were a victim in an accident with one of their Uber or Lyft drivers or as one of their drivers. Although you don’t have to provide exhaustive details of the accident, merely informing the rideshare company is enough. 

3. Collect Information

You can use your phone to take pictures of the accident scene, including the damage to both cars, your injuries, and those of other passengers, streets, and people. These photos are evidence that you can use when filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Next, get the information of the driver and passengers. In this case, you can get details such as the driver’s license and contact numbers of the driver and other passengers. If someone doesn’t give you the information, you can request a copy of the rideshare accident report from the police. 

After an accident, there are always observers present. You can request to take their testimonies and contact information as well. Eyewitnesses are crucial when filing for a personal injury lawsuit. 

Also, try to acquire data from available traffic cameras. If there is any CCTV footage or photographs of the accident, try to acquire them as well. 

After obtaining all the relevant information concerning the accident, store everything in a safe and organized place. All this information will come in handy during the inquiry.

4. Be Careful Not To Discuss The Accident or Injuries 

It is common for people at the accident scene to ask about your injuries and probe about the accident. When this happens, wisely avoid such discussions. Request expert medical attention and state that you have no responses until you’ve spoken with your lawyer.

5. Contact A Qualified Accident Injury Lawyer

Lastly, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Avoid signing any documents without consulting your attorney first. Signing a document might unknowingly deny your right to seek compensation or other legal rights.


Before filing any claims with an insurance company, getting a rideshare accident attorney to guide you through the entire personal injury claim process is crucial. Insurance companies can be hard to deal with; thus, having an expert legal advocate can work to your advantage.

Injury lawyers from reputable law firms can help you get the maximum compensation for your injuries. If you or your loved one is involved in a rideshare accident, contact experienced personal injury lawyers for assistance with your claim.

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