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IP Targeting; El Toro to Bring the Revolution in Online Advertising

Online advertising is changing with the change in user behaviour and the technology and so we witness so many ways the ads reach us. This change is obvious and advertisers must have go with the flow for better conversions.

IP targeting in online advertising is relatively new, but is believed to be highly effective practice to deliver the ads to specific audience. Using IP targeting ad delivery method advertisers can deliver their ads to the user of one specific network.

A step further, you can deliver your ads to specific buildings even. That’s what El Toro helps you to do.

Explaining the technical terms in non-technical way, let me tell what exactly happens. El Toro maps an IP address to the physical address, i.e. XXXX IP has been mapped to XXX Airport. So, an advertiser who wants to target travelers can send the targeted advertisements based on the publicly-available data available for that physical address.

As an advertiser, you do not need to know the IP details etc. All you need to do is to provide a list of physical addresses where you want your ads to be delivered and El Toro will place your ads on the devices that are using the IPs on that particular location.

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The next question that comes in mind is, where the ads will actually appear. El Toro claims to have access to +1,000,000 websites to place ads which altogether make an inventory of 30-50 billion advertising impressions per day.  El Toro also provides detailed reports on where your ads were served, how many impressions and click they received and much more.

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We have already witnessed so many improvements in online advertising, and this one is certainly going to deliver some real value of money. If you want to check an alternative of PPC for your business, do try El Toro and keep us posted with what you get there.

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El Toro in Their Own Words:

Surface your digital ads on every computer at a specific location using only its physical mailing address. By mapping over 160 million home and business IP addresses in the United States back to their corresponding physical mailing address, Eltoro.com can surface online display ads to almost any household or business using IP targeting technology.

What Brings El Toro to the Spotlight:

Targeting prospects right in the specific building, home, airport, university, or any other Internet-equipped location is something new and noteworthy. Certainly, a must try for all internet advertisers!

El Toro Website: http://www.eltoro.com

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.