Is CBAP Certification Worth It

Is CBAP Certification Worth It for an Average Business Analyst?

In the present profoundly unstable business environments, organizations need to adapt to market changes rapidly. Companies need to evaluate multiple factors before they can proceed with the right action that will control them the correct way.

Every one of these changes should be done while ensuring that the organization keeps on developing and that losses are controlled. Business examiners (BAs) are indispensable in the present world and age since they deal with this very procedure.

CBAP, which represents Certified Business Analysis Professional, is a Business Analyst certification provided by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) situated in Canada.

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CBAP confirmation is level 3 certification implied for people that as of now have broad business examination experience.

A CBAP Certified Business Analysis Professional is usually positioned among senior level and intermediate, and has more than five years’ experience, ideally with a portion of this experience driving different BAs. A CBAP certified business analyst has a decisive edge over an employee, due to the certification, it is generally identified in the business but also due to CBAP experts can be trusted with basic projects. The primary purpose behind it is they are relied upon to have effectively exhibited their ability, aptitude, and duty to the profession.

Career Advantages of Taking CBAP Certification

BA certifications help the person to graph a lifelong way and furthermore standardize their abilities and expectations in a BA job. Certification gives a baseline that companies can use to demonstrate that a candidate comprehends the BA job, also, for the most part, expected responsibilities and duties. The certifications likewise approve that an applicant has involvement as a BA and that they have all the required training and knowledge for the level.

There are a few advantages that applicants can get from a CBAP Certification. Few of the primary ones are as follows:

  • Extensive Perspective: The CBAP course instructs a few procedures and methodologies for solving issues including thoroughly considering, and inside the box.
  • Broadly Perceived for Verifiable Learning: A CBAP certified individual needn’t bother with much evidence other than the certification to show that they have information and aptitudes to be an able business analyst.
  • Become a Member in a Legitimate Proficient Group: It is significant for networking, as a resource base for explaining and tending to difficulties, and for worldwide recognition by different peers in the business.
  • Promise to the Business: Individuals that hold a CBAP certification are perceived as having a pledge to the business investigation vocation way. Accordingly, they have a ton of validity with managers in the IT and business networks.
  • Commitment to the Industry: Individuals that hold a CBAP certificate are recognized as committing to the business analysis career path. As such, they have a lot of credibility with employers in the IT and business communities.
  • Speak the language of a BA Professional: With CBAP training and certification, you become adept and eloquent at simply disseminating complex BA concepts so that other professionals and non-professionals in an organization can easily understand. However, a BAs currency as an organization is greatly boosted up.
  • Career Advancement and Salary Knock: With CBAP certification an individual can instantly get a salary hike not because they have more knowledge and experience but also because they will work on crucial organization projects and primary programs.
  • Employment Satisfaction: Individuals with a CBAP certification tend to be more joyful people since they have the equipment and confidence of all their responsibilities with the aptitude, knowledge, and skills that are expected of them. It converts into elevated amounts of job satisfaction among CBAP certified experts.

Who Should Take CBAP?

At the essential level, CBAP is most appropriate for people with an inborn capacity and distinct fascination to dissect information and, in particular, make an interpretation of the broke down information into crucial activity.

All the more explicitly, the individuals who take CBAP certification ought to be:

  • Individuals with noteworthy involvement in BA
  • Skilled Holders of a CCBA certificate (It is the Certification of Capability in Business Analysis)
  • Project Managers
  • Coaches/ Trainers
  • Non-BA advisors
  • Different BA experts, including Project Manager, Change/Transformation Managers, Quality Assurance (QA) Testers, Designers, and experts.

Prerequisites of CBAP Certification

Exam essentials

To be applicable for the CBAP test, candidates should initially do the following:

  • The candidate must have in any event 10 years’ work experience in a BA including at least 7,500 undeniable hours inside this 10-year time frame
  • Inside the over 7,500 hours of experience, the candidate must have at least 900 hours in 4 of the 6 BABOK® Guide Knowledge Areas, (an aggregate of 3,600 hours least out of the required 7,500 hours)
  • The candidate more likely than not earned at any rate 35-hours of expert improvement in BA related regions inside the most recent 4 years
  • The candidate must have in any event two expert references from another CBAP beneficiary, a lifelong chief, or a customer.
  • Successful applicants must sign and comply with the IIBA and CBAP Code of Ethics
  • The candidate must consent to IIBA and CBAP Terms and Conditions

CBAP Certification Cost

  • Non-refundable and non-transferable application charge: $125
  • Exam charge: $325 (members), $450 (non- members)
  • Retake charge: $250 (members), $375 (non- members)
  • Restoration charge: $85 (members), $120 (non- members)

The CBAP Exam

The CBAP exam is three-and-a-half-hours long and consists of 120 objective-type questions that depend on the situational analysis of case studies. The needed content and learning are generally taken from BABOK, who are the guardians of the Global Best Practices for Business Analysis.

After passing the test, applicants are rewarded as a ‘Certified Business Analysis Professional.’ As of early 2018, an aggregate of 8,025 people has gotten CBAP designation around the world.


After getting the CBAP Certification for the first time, an individual should be recertified every three years. They can do as such by revealing at least 60 hours of either; proceeded with expert BA advancement, free BA work for a non-benefit, or business diary creation inside the 3-years.

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If you want to go with CBAP Certification or some other business analyst certification on the web, you need to guarantee that you give the course the first time and consideration.