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Is OEM Worth the Extra Cost?

If you are into a business that deals with motorcycles directly, i.e. motorcycle repair company, motorcycle training school, motorcycle riding tour company, or a delivery/courier service, you may often need an upgrade or a replacement and being ready for this proactively can save you a lot of time and money.

The number one question that pops up in the mind when you need the motorcycle repair or upgrade is how to find the best motorcycle parts and accessories. And, to be more specific, is it worth the extra cost to always buy OEM equipment for your bike?

Well, the answer, like it is for most of life’s big questions, is it depends. It depends on the part, your goals, your bike and the day of the week. In general, OEM parts are of a high quality and retain the original integrity of your machine. Sure, they might cost a little more, but many in the biker universe say they are worth it.

Does that mean aftermarket parts are of lesser quality? This is not necessarily the case. They tend to be less expensive, but as long as you shop for a trusted manufacturer the parts and hardware should hold up. There may be fitment issues, but these can usually be worked out. The answer is it’s probably best to treat each enhancement or modification on a part by part basis.

OEM Parts Are True to the Original Design

With OEM motorcycle fairings you receive a part that is designed to operate on your original bike. The fitment may be simpler and the control of airflow to increase speed and reduce drag will likely be elevated. Whether your bike brand is Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki you can find fairings that turn back the clock; theyalso will look and function at a high level for your ride. The advantages of OEM fairings include the following:

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  • Better and simpler mounting of parts
  • Durable hardware
  • Perfect fitment for your bike
  • Stronger materials and better aerodynamics

All the elements of your bike are important and it’s up to you to replace worn out parts to keep your bike safe and strong. OEM mirrors, brackets, engine parts, oil and air filters, screws and hardware all combine to make your bike tough and strong. Retain the look of the original with replacement parts engineered to match your make and brand.

Riding Gear Is Always in Fashion

The best motorcycle riding gear keeps you comfortable and safe on long rides, and helps you look good behind the windshield of a cruiser, a dirt bike or a racing machine. Select from durable gloves that increase the grip on the handlebars and sunglasses that improve your vision on the road and cut down on glare. A solid riding jacket keeps the wind off your skin and provides extra protection in the case of a wipeout.

Aftermarket Parts Are Ideal for Modifications

There may be times when you want to modify your ride to mesh with your style of riding. Aftermarket parts give you options, for adding vintage mirrors or increasing the RPMs in your engine. You are only limited by your imagination and mechanical savvy. Seek out quality parts that build your bike into something better. Not all original parts function or look the way you want and modifications can fix that.

Find the best motorcycle parts and accessories online. Choose between OEM and aftermarket parts depending on your vision and business goals.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.