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Is Onecoin Really a Bitcoin Rival? An Overview of Crypto Currency Startups Scenario

If you’re even vaguely interested in investments and the world of finance, then you’ve likely watched with interest as the realm of Crypto currency has taken the world by storm. In fact, so far and wide reaching have the effects of BitCoin been, that even those outside of the investment community will have been hard-pressed not to have come across tales of staggering amounts of money made seemingly overnight.

Yet there remains much confusion about what Crypto currency is and what it can and is promising to achieve. What’s more with a new Crypto kid on the block in the form of Onecoin, savvy investors are rightly questioning where their funds may be best placed.

Here, we take a look at these issues, and explain why Onecoin might just offer the accessible Cryptocurrency investment for the masses. You may want to Sign up for Onecoin to explore the platform in detail!

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Digital currencies: A to-the-point intro

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When markets around the world crashed in 2008 businesses and livelihoods were lost overnight. As we would later come to learn, the irresponsible lending of mortgages in Middle America was to soon wreak havoc in almost every country in the world.

Yet from the financial cloud that is only just lifting came one unsuspected silver lining: the creation of a digital currency.

It was designed to provide complete transparency, and to place the power of currency in the peoples’ hands – power that was shifted away from banks and financial institutions as they no longer acted as the middle man for our transactions.

Today, the first Crypto currency – Bitcoin, has begun to revolutionise the traditional banking systems; and it has presented incredible opportunities for people to capitalise upon the new age of finance.

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Bitcoin has risen in value 75 times over in the last year alone, and since its introduction its worth has skyrocketed from $0.10 in 2009, to $1100 as of 2013. Multimillionaires were born within a matter of mere years, with one 26 year old’s initial investment of $26, growing to $850,000 before he even remembered his purchase a few years previous.

These figures and tales of impossible financial success are indeed staggering, yet such a rise has created problems for this currency, problems that Onecoin has sought to overcome. Let’s dig into this a little deeper.

The big question: Can Onecoin really rival Bitcoin?

Whilst Onecoin and Bitcoin share many similarities, they equally differ in a number of ways – ways in which Onecoin holds important benefits over and above its rival. Here’s a quick rundown of the 7 reasons behind Onecoin’s potential when compared to Bitcoin:

1- Onecoin harnesses an algorithm that boasts better security; in short, it is more advanced.

2- Onecoin is accessible to more people as it is made up of smaller denominations, and where Bitcoin has reached an unworkable level of $1200, Onecoin promises to be the practical choice for digital currency.

3- The Onecoin exchange platform is centralised. For users and investors, this means that there is higher liquidity and less volatility – which compares to Bitcoin’s offering of multiple platforms where many different rates can confuse.

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4- Onecoin is in its first fledgling years – which provides for a potentially lucrative proposition for investors.

5- Onecoin utilises KYC procedures – this means that it can’t be tapped into for illegal activity, such as where Bitcoin was used for purchasing drugs and weaponry online.

6- Onecoin has a management team in place who are following strategies to build the brand – whereas Bitcoin is completely decentralised.

7Onecoin provides a solid education package – ideal for investors who may be beginners and providing the guidance that even savvy traders need when entering the new world of crypto currency.

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