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Is Your Linkedin Profile Credible?

Being an entrepreneur it’s not enough to create an account with Linkedin and fill it with some information. You need to have a strong professional presence on LinkedIn, i.e. a profile that is credible enough to complement and boost your online sales initiatives.
Remember that your LinkedIn profile is not just a showcase of your experience, education, and skills, but it’s a professional billboard that communicates your personality, vision and the creativity. Successful entrepreneurs use their Linkedin profile as a lead generation tool (If you plan to do so, make sure to include Linkedin in your marketing strategy). So you must not let this billboard exhibit that you are less capable or less professional than what actually you are!

You must not let this billboard exhibit that you are less capable or less professional than what actually you are! Making your Linkedin profile highly credible is the key to exhibiting the true you!

In fact, improving your LinkedIn profile is not a one time job and you must keep it updated according to your professional achievements and business growth. Every time you improve your Linkedin profile, you should be making it more credible. At times, you are so overwhelmed by positive experiences and success that you don’t know the right way to express it and that’s when your intended profile improvement may look a disaster.

This article will discuss a few quick tips to make your Linkedin profile credible. So here it goes:

  1. Linkedin profile summary is the most important step in making your Linkedin profile credible. Check out our detailed guide on writing impressive Linkedin profile summary.
  2. Optimize your Linkedin profile using the right keywords, but make sure not to stuff every field and the summary section with just keywords. Make things clearly readable and use only those keywords that actually represent your skills and expertise. complete the rest of the fields to add experience with approachable organizations.
  3. Get Your Skills Endorsed; Your immediate connections will not mind doing this quick favour to you, however, you need to ask them. Don’t be ashamed of asking for endorsements!
  4. Get Recommended: Again, no one will write a note praising you without a request, but if you do the same for them, they will certainly. So do some work for mutual benefits and get recommendations from people with whom you have worked directly.
  5. Have an Active Network: No matter if there are not many people in your network for now… Join groups and participate in discussions. Helping people with answers to their queries (that fall under your expertise) is the best credibility on Linkedin! Use Linkedin groups to generate lead generating content and make most out of the discussions. 90% of Linkedin leads will be found in the groups!
  6. Publish articles on Linkedin; yes, it may require time and effort, but outsourcing content writing can solve your busy schedules problems. Once you have published an article on Linkedin, share it publicly and ask your connections to give you a feedback.
  7. Duly reply to the private messages; even if you feel that the request is not relevant, take a minute to reply to them. Your courtesy can win you big business!

Start improving your LinkedIn profile today, and you’ll witness more profile views, more business queries and ultimately a growing business. A credible Linkedin profile makes most out of Linkedin because it speaks directly to your ideal clients and they will not get back to you if you do not seem to be credible!

Start working it out and make your Linkedin profile more credible on regular basis. Growing Linkedin Network in the Niche Market and then repeating the steps 3 onwards will allow you to become more credible day by day!

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