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Is Your Workplace COVID-19-Ready?

COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire, and it is up to business owners to take steps to help maximize health and safety in the workplace. By now, everyone knows the essential prevention protocols that we should all be following.

However, keeping up with hand hygiene, wearing a protective face mask, and maintaining social distancing isn’t enough. 

Read on for more details regarding the specific precautions that all business owners should take throughout these uncertain times. 

1- Set Up a Rigorous Cleaning Regimen 

Likely, keeping the workplace clean and hygienic has always been a priority—but it is now time to take things up a notch. Most importantly, business owners need to ensure that their cleaning staff are regularly disinfecting and wiping down frequently touched surfaces. These surfaces include doorknobs and handles, light switches, faucets, toilets, keyboards, and more. 

Along with day-to-day cleaning, it is also critical to conduct Coronavirus prevention commercial cleaning regularly—or hire a service to do it for you. This cleaning entails deep cleaning specifically designed to keep your establishment free of COVID-19, and staff should conduct these activities as frequently as finances will allow. 

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A good example of a company offering this specific service is Performance Property Services Group COVID cleaning services Melbourne

2- Remind Your Employees about Prevention Guidelines 

As already mentioned, everyone knows what they should be doing to play their part in curbing the spread. However, when you are working and not always mindful of what is going on around you, it can be easy to forget. The new way of life is such a far cry from what we are all used to, after all. As such, business owners and managers must take it upon themselves to continually remind employees regarding prevention guidelines and appropriate behavior. You can accomplish this with the help of strategically-placed posters or by conducting regular workshops, either online or in person. 

Your responsibility as an employer is to encourage optimal hand hygiene by ensuring that employees have easy access to soap and water. Also, install hand sanitizer stations to supplement hand-washing. Remember to only invest in hand sanitizer that contains a minimum of 60% alcohol. 

Finally, double-check that your employees are practicing good respiratory hygiene, too. The World Health Organization recommends wearing a face mask at all times when out in public, and this includes when at work. The reality is that COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets. While a mask cannot protect a person from these respiratory droplets, it can protect those around them. In short, if everyone wears a mask, the risk of infection lowers significantly. 

It helps if businesses can provide their employees with face masks, either disposable or reusable. Many companies are using this opportunity to have cotton face masks branded and distributed among employees and customers. This approach benefits businesses by also increasing brand awareness. Plus, reusable cloth face masks are much more eco-friendly than their disposable counterparts. 

3- Keep Up to Date 

Considering that the virus is so new, scientists do not know much about it yet. As such, the safety guidelines are continually evolving as new facts come to light. Just a few months ago, wearing a mask wasn’t necessary, yet masks now play a primary role in controlling the spread. 

You can protect your employees from infection by keeping up to date with these changes and information and adjusting your health and safety procedures accordingly. Be sure to consult reliable sources, such as the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Take the process of protecting your establishment from COVID-19 seriously. Your employees’ wellbeing depends on it. 

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