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7 Israeli Startups to Keep an Eye on This Year

It seems like, as always, times of great change give birth to high-tech innovation. 2021 is no exception to this.

7 Israeli Startups to Keep an Eye on This Year

The CES 2021 has been a testimony that the startup industry – especially Israel tech – is striking when the iron is hot.  The tech world’s response to the pandemic is one of optimism and resilience, expressing that we are fully equipped to face the “new normal” – whatever that may be!

So let’s find out why Israel is so innovative by looking at 7 thriving Israeli startups poised to change the world!


While there are many “reading assistants” out there, none come close to the OrCam Read. This device, no bigger than a pen, can instantly read aloud large bodies of text on any surface.

Its “smart reading” technology understands where articles begin and end allowing the user to request contextual information. Orcam’s products aim to facilitate the lives of those with sensory or learning difficulties in daily life.

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Vayaar Imaging

This startup produces 4D imaging technology that was intended to detect breast cancer at early stages. They have recently expanded this tech into sensors for vehicles and homes.

The sophistication of this technology combined with its low cost could soon redefine surveillance and tomography.


With the future of high-street fashion in the balance, MySize ID proves that we are ready for whatever the future throws at us!

This clever app uses your smartphone to record your size and ensures that the clothes you buy online fit your profile perfectly. This technology is not optical, so it doesn’t use a camera to measure your body, ensuring your privacy and dignity.


There is a lot about our world that is not seen but smelled. NanoScent is taking this observation to new heights!

Their “scent-recognition” technology covers a variety of functions from nutrition advice, gas leak detection, and even Covid-19 testing!

Apparently, smelling is believing!


Deeyook’s technology begins where GPS ends. If GPS is useful for broad navigation, then Deeyook (from the Hebrew word for “exactly”) gives you a more precise position.

Using sensors that measure the transmission of wireless technology to give location within 10 centimeters of your device. The days of getting lost in malls and car parks will soon be over!

Tactile Mobility

Are you curious about how autonomous vehicles will be able to know the difference between a rock and a cat? Tactile mobility aims to give self-driving vehicles the ability to “see” and “feel” the road.

Because driving involves more than the sense of sight, Tactile Mobility’s tech gives the car’s software the ability to feel wind, potholes, and friction.

By gathering necessary data, this tech will ensure that autonomous vehicles will be able to make better-informed decisions with a more human touch!


This startup focuses on giving the speech impaired a clear voice. With an easy-to-use application, people who suffer from degenerative issues can now communicate clearly and easily with others.

Its world-changing application has already caught the attention of many investors. For ways to support Israel’s tech industry, check out The Jerusalem Portfolio.

In December 2020 Voiceitt announced a collaboration with Amazon in order to enhance Alexa’s comprehension of speech impaired owners.

Our Future and Israeli Startups

Israeli startups not only provide innovation, but it also promotes hope! It tells us that we must keep looking forward because that’s where the solutions lay.

By nourishing the Israel startup ecosystem, we ensure that these paradigm-shifting startups can become realities.

Supporting startups is supporting the future. Just remember; the human spirit, which is the spirit of innovation, cannot be extinguished by the forces that challenge it!

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