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IT Functions In Your Business That Can and Should Be Outsourced

If you have an online presence for your business, it’s important to know that you need to stay on top of it. Years ago, the face of your business was a receptionist. Today, over 81% of consumers do online research on a product or service first before making the decision to buy it.

This means that you need to keep your website fresh, your apps updated, and your social media presence ready for client interactions. But there are also the things that happen behind the scenes: for instance, website design and development, site maintenance, and optimization.

If you were to hire a person for each function, you could easily add another five to seven salaries to your remuneration bill. Or you could outsource them

This article will discuss the most important IT functions of your business that can be and should be outsourced.

Payroll: It Frees up Time and Resources 

Outsourcing the payroll function can free up a lot of time and effort, as there are constant changes and movements to be aware of. By choosing a payroll company that keeps proper records of wages, garnishing orders, wage disputes, and entering and exiting staff, business owners can free up their admin function and focus on areas of the business that boost the bottom line.

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Companies that specialize in payroll also have a team of professionals that keep track of new regulations and make the necessary adjustments as needed. Apart from freeing up time and resources, it also keeps businesses compliant. In 2017, Tesco was lumbered with a £10 million wage bill after underpaying nearly 140,000 staff. 

Marketing: Fresh New Insights on Trends 

Traditionally, businesses had an entire marketing team that handled everything marketing. However, as businesses are starting to move away from the brick-and-mortar setup and become more internet-based, outsourcing the marketing team might be a better option.

This is because, as a budding business, you are focused on business operations and revenue. It’s hard to stay on top of marketing trends when your focus is not there, especially when you need to tweak and update all the time.

A marketing firm, on the other hand, has a team of professionals that stay on top of trends and regulations to provide you with marketing packages tailored to your business and designated target market. They also know when to post, how to manage feeds, and which of your posts generate the biggest ROI. 

Technical Support: Your Customers Will Thank You 

Imagine having a technical support staff member on the clock for 24 hours. Not only will you have to face labor enquiries, but you would most likely have to employ a team of at least three people to work in shifts if your business promises 24-hour support.

Now imagine that technical support staff member only answering one or two support tickets during their entire shift. It hardly seems worth the wage. By outsourcing the technical support function, businesses can save a load on their wage bill. It’s important for businesses to compare the overall package when opting for support, as factors could change, such as level of service and overall cost.

The IT support Omaha businesses hire may differ in cost to those in Kansas City due to many contributory factors, such as cost, tonality, level of expertise, and even how customers respond to the support. This is important to bear in mind when outsourcing support to other countries such as India, Brazil and Bulgaria. 

Accounting and Financial Record-Keeping: Free Up Time 

While it might not be a bad idea to have an accountant or bookkeeper on the payroll if the size of the company warrants it, this is one of the biggest administration tasks in a business, and also the most serious. Without financial record keeping, there is no way to tell if the business is making a profit or loss, whether it’s solvent and liquid, or what the breakeven point is.

Cloud-based accounting allows for businesses to input all their data, link up their invoices and quotes, share their bank statements, and input all the relevant information needed to generate financial statements, management accounts, and even forecasts.

By outsourcing the accounting, businesses are more likely to remain compliant too, as professionals stay up to date with company laws and taxes. According to studies, businesses can save up to 40% of their bookkeeping costs by outsourcing this function. 

The Bottom Line:

Outsourcing is an important part of business growth, as it allows businesses the freedom to scale thanks to reduced costs and more time to focus on pertinent projects. For businesses, outsourcing may seem daunting. However, going with a reputable company could produce satisfying results. 

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