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Tech Support Near Me: IT Tech Support Myths

Did you know that more than two-thirds of businesses in the United States of America outsource at least one department of their business? One of the most common departments or sections that gets outsourced in favor of experts outside of the company is tech support. IT support is one of the unsung heroes in the world of business since they allow you to keep your business running.

Hiring tech support near me makes a ton of sense, especially if you don’t want to break your budget by trying to keep your network up-to-date and online. That said, there are a number of harmful myths that surround IT support that could sway your decision away from trying to get the help from an IT support firm that you need.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect IT support guide to learn the truth behind tech support for your business. Keep reading to learn more today!

What Is IT Support?

IT support is all about helping your business manage any issues that you encounter with the technology that you’re using on a daily basis. The truth is that most employees don’t have the skills or knowledge to troubleshoot common issues with computers, printers, and networks.

Having an IT support firm to help your business makes a lot of sense because you can always get the help that you need. You can reach out to your IT support guide to learn the steps that you should take to resolve an issue. Not only will you get assistance but you’ll also get help with setting up and securing your business’s network.

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A big part of what an IT support firm does is ensure that your network is secured against cyber threats. More than 80 percent of businesses in the United States have experienced getting hacked. Having security experts on your side will save you money and a ton of headaches.

You can enjoy the full potential of your business’s network without all of the hiccups. You can trust that the tech support near me will take all of the right steps to keep your network secure. They’ll also maintain and update the network so that you don’t need to worry about it.

Benefits of Hiring Tech Support Near Me

Now that you have a better picture of the things that a tech support company can provide, it’s time to learn about the ways in which an IT support firm will benefit your operations. They will help you with security and getting your network set up, but the benefits extend far beyond the basics of tech support.

Here’s a closer look!

More Productivity

A big reason behind a lack of productivity at businesses is downtime related to the network and the devices that your employees need in order to do their jobs. Nothing is worse than feeling like there is never enough time each day to achieve your business goals. Part of that could come down to the devices that you’re using.

Working with tech support near me is great because it allows you to make the most of your time and resources each day. You will also get more from the equipment that your business is using since the IT support firm will help with asset management. The process of fixing your network will get streamlined and your employees will get more done.

Faster Response Time

Another big benefit of hiring tech support near me is the fact that you can cut down on response time to issues that you’re facing. It’s difficult to get to the bottom of a tech issue when you have no one with expertise and experience handling those problems. Having IT support on standby will cut down on the time that it takes to fix the issues that you’re running into.

If your network does happen to crash you can trust that your IT support firm will have everything back online in the blink of an eye. This is much better than turning to the one person in your office that has minimal experience with technology to try to fix everything. The sooner that you get everything working again the sooner you’ll start bringing in more revenue.

All it takes is one hour of downtime to cost your business millions of dollars. It’s a much better investment to hire tech support to prevent issues like that from happening.

Reduced Spending

In addition to saving money on costly downtimes at your business, you can also reduce spending by hiring tech support near me. IT operations tend to be one of the biggest expenses that businesses face, especially if they try to handle tech support with an in-house department.

It’s important to note that each employee that you hire to handle in-house IT support will cost you salary and benefits. That isn’t considering the cost of equipment and the network that your business is using. You also need to continue upgrading devices and equipment as your old ones become obsolete, which is an expensive process.

Hiring an IT support firm will allow you to save money since you’re paying a set amount each month for their service. They will help you set up and maintain your network and upgrade your security as part of the service that they provide. It’s much better than trying to handle it all on your own.

Less Risk

Change is always scary, and this is especially true in the business world. You never know the chain of events that you could set off by making a big change in your business. A big reason to consider hiring an IT support firm is the fact that you will have a much easier time managing risk.

A big reason why change often results in disaster for businesses is that it is poorly planned from the get-go. An IT support company will help you plan the changes that you want to make and then communicate them to your employees in an effective manner. This will result in fewer interruptions in your operations.

Myths Surrounding IT Support for Your Business

Understanding the benefits of hiring tech support near me is great, but it’s also important to work through those persistent myths that are out there about tech support. Handing control of your network over to a third party is intimidating, but it’s the right move for many businesses.

Here’s a closer look at the myths about IT support and the truth behind each!

Internal IT Support Is Quicker

On paper, it makes a lot of sense to think that an in-house IT support company will respond in a rapid way to the issues that you’re encountering with your devices or your network. It would seem like they’d have a better grasp of the workings of your business than a third-party IT support firm would.

It’s important to remember that the improvements in high-speed internet allow remote IT support firms to provide quicker tech support than an in-house IT department can. A good tech support company can remote into your network or devices to find and resolve any issues that you’re experiencing.

Taking this step is a much quicker way of fixing complex issues than calling your IT department and trying to relay the issue to them. It makes a lot of sense to look into hiring an IT support company that offers in-person and online support as part of their service.

An IT Support Firm Is More Expensive

It’s also easy to convince yourself that hiring a firm to handle tech support for your business is a bigger expense than sticking with the status quo. This could not be further from the truth, especially if you’re employing and supplying an entire in-house IT department. Hiring tech support near me could save you up to 50 percent of your IT budget each year.

As long as the servers and computers are in good shape you won’t need any help with your equipment in person. It makes a lot more sense to hire a tech support business that will be there when you need them. This will save you a ton of money that you can use to upgrade your computers or invest in research and development for new products.

Your Security Is Worse With an IT Support Firm

From a logical standpoint, it would make sense to think that your data is more secure on a local server that is hosted in your office building. For many years it was a valid argument that you should use a physical server to store the backups of your business data and documents. The improvements to internet technology have made physical servers a waste of space and money.

The fact is that your IT support firm can keep your data safe on a cloud-based server. Not only will this data be more secure from hackers, but you can trust that your tech support company will take care of backing up your data on your behalf. You’ll have everything covered when you get outsourced tech support for your business’s needs.

IT Support Only Helps When You Have Issues

It’s also false to state that tech support near me is only there to help when you’re encountering issues with your network. It’s important to have responsive IT support ready to help when issues arise but it’s also important to note that these professionals are always performing preventative maintenance.

Your IT support company is great because it will find a way to monitor your equipment and network for signs that things are starting to malfunction. They’ll be well aware of issues before they ever reach you. You can trust that your network will continue to run in a smooth and efficient manner while avoiding a massive and costly breakdown of your network.

They’ll also take care of time-consuming software and network updates to ensure that your equipment is ready to go for the next day of work. This will save your employees a ton of time and it will close gaps that cyber threats can use to enter and access your business network.

Apple Products are Immune to Viruses

Many people who are unfamiliar with cyber threats make the mistake of thinking that Apple products can’t get viruses. The reality of the situation is that it is quite common for Apple products to get viruses. A big reason behind this tech support myth is the fact that, for many years, Windows products were more common in the home and in the workplace.

The fact that they were more common made them seem like they were more susceptible to getting hacked. It does help that Apple manages its own hardware and software updates as a way to decrease the risks of getting hacked. That said, it’s still a good idea to seek tech support near me if your business is planning on using Apple products for business operations.

The Network Breaks Even With Tech Support

Another frustrating myth that surrounds tech support is the thought that equipment should never break so long as you have an IT support firm helping you. The fact of the matter is that no matter how great your tech support is, at some point your network and your devices will experience issues.

No matter how much the tech support near me monitors your network, it is inevitable that something will go wrong. The reason that you’re hiring IT support is to get those issues under control and fixed in the shortest amount of time possible.

Consider Hiring Tech Support Near Me Today

Running a business is a tricky task without taking your business network and devices into account, but hiring tech support near me will allow you to save money and minimize security risks. It’s much cheaper to hire an IT support firm rather than pay an in-house IT department. You can also enjoy greater security, scheduled software updates, and data backups on a cloud-based server.

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