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Job Data Analysis Discloses the Q1 Jobs in 2023

The UK labor market is on the rise again in 2021, following the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has gotten even more difficult.

Many people have been laid off, some professionals have gotten more qualified, while the skills of others have become obsolete. This necessitates investing in some type of education as well as obtaining accreditation.

Every professional must take responsibility for the development of their skills and knowledge in order to ensure that they provide high-quality service that fulfills customer expectations and job requirements, and with an individual’s desire to do so, both an employee and employer can reap the benefits of CPD.

With the job market’s unpredictability and instability, one may begin to consider a career change to jobs that are in high demand and can guarantee more stability.

The CPD Standards Office extensively reviewed data from Glassdoor based on the first quarter of 2021 to assess which industries were hiring the most in the UK, as well as which companies had the most offers. The full study can be found here at www.cpdstandards.com/news/skills-paying-bills-in-2021/

Healthcare Roles

Registered nurses, physicians, dentists, and other professionals are in high demand for obvious reasons. The pandemic put enormous strain on healthcare workers.

The downside is that each worker’s stress level has increased significantly, leaving the majority of them burned out. Many of these employees are forced to take time off from their jobs.

As a result, some slots are left empty. Another factor contributing to the high demand in this sector is that the NHS employs a large number of people from the EU.

As a result of Brexit forcing some of them to return home, there is a shortage of healthcare workers in the hospital.

Janitorial Staff

With 2.35 percent of janitorial staff job advertisements on display, businesses required an abundance of cleaners to still keep their office premises clean and up-to-date with COVID-19 protocols and regulations for when office workers would be able to return back to their premises full-time.

Educational-based Positions

The education sector was greatly impacted by the pandemic like with many industries. From March 2020 to March 2021, schools faced the uncertainty of long periods of closures, and that had left many parents having the tough task of having to homeschool their children while also working from home simultaneously.

On the other hand, with the number of people working remotely having been increased due to the pandemic, some parents may not have had the time to teach their children so they’d rightfully have concerns that their children were not receiving a high standard of education and learning.

Therefore, to combat those fears, parents would resort to hiring private tutors to provide some assistance to their children at home and 1.48% of advertised jobs were available for that occupation.

Digital Marketing

85,000 businesses have been launched online since March 2020, and 75 percent of buyers and sellers prefer online businesses.

Online businesses have rapidly grown due to the pandemic to cater to consumers’ preferences to shop online; therefore, developing a strong online presence as well as an online marketing strategy is critical to the company’s growth.

Thus, to achieve that objective businesses needed to hire great sales and marketing representatives to help boost sales and enhance their conversion rate optimisation.


Recent times have shown the important benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It can provide ample opportunities to professionals because it opens them up to new possibilities, new knowledge and makes them flexible in other skillful areas.

With the accessibility of being able to upskill their knowledge and adhere to current industry trends, aspiring job professionals will be able to impress their interviewers when it comes to job interviews and it can go a long way to helping sustain a future pathway for continued professional growth and promotions within an organization.


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