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How to Write a Job Description: A Quick Guide

Job openings are created every day by businesses seeking competent employees to fill necessary positions within their company.

How to Write a Job Description: A Quick Guide

As a business, you’ve got to ensure that you write a job description that will gain the right applicants’ attention and help you get an edge up over your competition.

We’ve created a brief guide that will help you understand what to include in a job posting and more.

What is a Job Description?

The purpose of a job description is to summarize the qualifications, skills, and responsibilities for an open position. The description will include those mentioned above, but it should also give applicants a brief look into the company’s culture and values.

If your job description is well-rounded, it will give applicants enough detail to help them move forward with submitting their information for the job.

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Specify the Job Title

Sometimes the job title of a description can be misleading or not make complete sense. Ensure that the job title you place on your description is effective and doesn’t follow the tons of postings that offer generic unhelpful titles.

Using PowerApps will help you come up with a title that will help gain applicants’ attention everywhere.

Summarize the Job

The next step is summarizing the job that you’re asking people to apply for. Ensure that the description stands out and provides unique insight into what the job is that the applicant is applying for.

It would be best to use this section to sell the company and discuss company culture and atmosphere briefly. Also, list where the position will take place as far as location is concerned.

List of Duties

After you’ve hooked the applicant’s attention, it’s time to let them know what this job entails. You should summarize what’s expected from the person that secures this position daily.

Detail how this position is essential to the rest of the business in terms of project and goal achievement.


When the above has been mentioned, it’s now time for the candidates to decide if they’ve got the experience and background to qualify for the job. Qualifications include holding a degree in a certain discipline or having a certain amount of experience in the career.

You might also list some personality traits that you look for in a potential employee, such as being innovative or a self-starter.

Salary Expectations

The salary is one of the most important items that a potential candidate will want to know about. You don’t have to go in-depth about the salary, but it’s helpful to list the yearly salary that employees who are hired can expect.

How to Write a Job Description?

When looking for the right candidate, you must first ask yourself how to write a job description that will attract the right people for the job.

There are several components to a description that you need to include, like the salary and the job qualifications.

We’ve got posts on this topic, and others like marketing and advertising; check them out after reading this one.


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