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6 Jobs That Sound Dull but Are Actually Interesting

I could never do that for a living! It seems so boring.” Most of us have said that about at least one job. Are these fields as boring as they appear, or is there more to them?

It turns out that there are a few jobs that sound dull on the surface but are actually quite interesting. Here are six of them:

1.  Server or Bartender

Sometimes, a job is interesting because of the people. When you work in a front-of-house job at a restaurant, you encounter no shortage of very interesting people.

Yes, some customers are awful, but many have deeply interesting stories and personalities. You may “just” be serving food and drinks, but you’re also interacting with a variety of people every shift.

Most bartenders and servers also find that their coworkers make the job interesting. They bond over common experiences and frustrations. Many use humor as a tool to cope with some of the most stressful moments.

If you’re considering this field, you may not love the work. However, the chances are that you will come to respect your teammates.

2.  Civil Law Attorney

It isn’t that people think that being a lawyer is boring — it’s that they often assume that the only exciting jobs are in criminal law. While it is definitely a thrill to protect the rights of a defendant or help put a bad guy away, there are other areas of law that are also exciting.

Take insurance law as an example. On the surface, it seems quite dry. That’s not always the case. Maryland attorney Alex Brown points out how this area of practice is intellectually challenging and complex. Lawyers in this field also get the satisfaction of obtaining great outcomes for people who have suffered quite a bit.

3.  Accountant

Imagine discovering a discrepancy that leads to the arrest of a criminal who has stolen pensions from hardworking people. That’s happened before and is something you could experience if you go into the field of forensic accounting.

However, that’s not the only interesting thing about working as an accountant. Accounting is an exciting job if you are a natural problem-solver.

Additionally, you can get great satisfaction out of helping your clients. Depending on the discipline you choose, you might help a struggling business find extra money for expenses or a family gets a better tax refund.

4.  Courier/Delivery

What is so exciting about working as a courier or delivery driver? Isn’t it just delivering food or packages? Yes, it is. Still, this work can be quite interesting for the right person.

First, when you work delivery, you get to see the city. On any given day, you might have a delivery somewhere you’ve never been before. That’s not all. There’s a lot of autonomy in these jobs. Many drivers set their own schedules, work when they want to, and don’t have a supervisor micromanaging them.

If you deliver using a car or truck, you can listen to the radio all day long with no complaints from anybody else. Use a bike or scooter, and you’ll get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

5.  Technical Writer

At first, nothing about technical writing seems interesting. First, it’s writing. That’s something most people have been avoiding since high school. Second, it involves technology that just seems dry and complicated.

All of this is true, but don’t overlook some of the more interesting aspects of this work. If you’re a curious person who enjoys learning about how things work, there’s no shortage of interesting facts to uncover as a tech writer.

Finally, if you work as a tech writer, you may be able to find out about new technologies before they hit the market. Imagine learning all of the features of the latest smartphone a year before it comes out.

6.  Overnight Security

The duties of this job may not be very interesting, but there are a number of aspects that make this an excellent job for many people.

For example, you get plenty of unsupervised downtimes. That’s perfect if you want to make the most of your time by taking a few online classes. Many nighttime security pros choose their line of work because they value independence and free time.

What Makes a Dull Job Exciting?

There are several factors that can make a seemingly boring job exciting.

Sometimes the work itself is more interesting than people anticipate. With other jobs, you get to work with great people and form bonds with your coworkers. Of course, there are also jobs that may be dull but are so stress-free that they allow you to relax and even pursue other interests.


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