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How to Keep Your Remote Employees Motivated

More than 4.3 million people in the US work remotely─ some 3.2% of the entire workforce. While working at home has its perks and benefits, many people still struggle with adjusting.

Issues with work/life balance and productivity have been among some common challenges employees face. This leaves employers with the task of figuring out how to keep team members motivated. Keep reading to learn how you can help increase employee motivation with remote workers.

Plan Regular Team Meetings

The one thing about a work-from-home setup that people often miss is not having their colleagues around. Remote work can get lonely for some people, especially if they live alone. Planning team meetings on a weekly basis can help people stay connected and give the extra boost needed to increase motivation.

Be sure to add a fun element to your team calls. Making these meetings a regular occurrence also helps to build a strong remote company culture.

Add Incentives

One of the easiest ways to get people moving is to offer them a reward in exchange. If you want to get your team motivated, add the element of challenge. Brainstorm some exciting productivity challenges that your team can earn incentives from.

Schedule Mental Health Days

Surveys have shown that 76% of remote participants agreed that stress from the workplace affected their mental health. Burnout is real and it’s the last thing you want workers to experience when you’re aiming to increase employee motivation.

Schedule regular mental health days for employees to have an optional day off. You could do this every other Friday or chose a date once per month. Giving employees a chance to take a break from work aside from their off days can help restore energy and focus.

Do Wellness Check-Ins

People have a lot of factors to deal with outside of work. And since they work from home, it can be harder for them to balance their personal and professional lives. Take the time to show your team you care by doing regular wellness check-ins.

You don’t have to perform grandiose gestures all the time. Something as small as a text message or email to make sure they’re doing well can go a long way. Also, aim to create a remote work environment where employees feel comfortable coming to you with their issues.

Offer Resources and Support

A wellness check-in is definitely a helpful gesture but sometimes it isn’t enough. Some employees may be struggling with motivation and trying to increase productivity due to deeper issues.

Be sure to provide them with resources that can support their health. For instance, connect them with mental health providers and employee wellness programs.

Start Increasing Employee Motivation Today

Working at home can be great for some people but for others, it takes a toll on productivity. Employees may need extra help and assistance to increase motivation when working remotely.

Consider using these strategies for employee motivation for your team. For more tips and advice on business and leadership, check out the rest of our blog.


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