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Keeping Your Drivers Safe on the Roads

If your company employs drivers, then it’s your moral responsibility to keep them safe on the roads and minimize risks. On top of this, UK health and safety guidelines require that employers ensure that minimal risks are imposed on workers that are required to drive.

Below, we explore how you can keep your drivers safe on the road.


There are plenty of hazards that your drivers can face on the road. However, by identifying and being aware of the risks, your drivers will be safer. For a start, your drivers should ensure they have a clear view of the road – if you have obstructed vision, it can be difficult to identify threats such as vehicles pulling out in front of you.

It’s also important to read the road ahead to avoid danger, rather than distracting yourself with your mobile phone. Meanwhile, poor conditions such as icy roads, flooded roads, and loose gravel can all pose a threat, and you should adjust your driving in these situations.

What You Can Do

Hi-Vis Clothing

Ideally, one of your first steps will be to purchase hi-viz vests for your staff. When vehicles are used in the workplace, you can make it easier for your drivers by making sure that everyone is highly visible.

This can protect against unfortunate workplace accidents where employees are struck by a vehicle. On top of this, if your drivers stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway, hi-vis can also ensure that they’re obvious to passing cars.


A dashcam isn’t a legal requirement, but it carries plenty of benefits. For a start, they can lower your insurance cost, as insurance providers will have full confidence that they can analyze any accident fully.

Meanwhile, a commercial fleet dash cam can also encourage safe driving across your fleet as drivers know that any dangerous behavior will be recorded. Finally, dash cams can deter thieves who search for expensive tools to steal from the vehicle.


Training is key too. By empowering your drivers with regular technical and theoretical training, you can ensure that they’re in the best position to avoid danger.

You can achieve this by making sure there’s a high level of road safety laws in your fleet: this includes knowing to take regular breaks, avoid distractions, avoid tailgating, watch your seat, and use your seat belt regularly.

Keeping your drivers safe on the road should be a priority for your business. There are plenty of risks out there for your drivers, but by kitting them out with hi-vis, adding dash cams, and by offering regular training, you can minimize the risk of accidents.


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