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Kerry Mac: From Biology to the Bank: How Nine University’s KT V.I.P. Changed Everything for Me

Now let me be completely honest: I had never sold anything on the Internet in my entire life.

But like most people who stumble into Amazon FBA, I was looking for something more. I was working a demanding job in the biology/medical field while desperately trying to balance spending quality time with my daughter. I wanted to trade in my night shifts and fixed paychecks for more flexibility and possibilities. I was certainly no expert at e-commerce (that proved to be true during my not-so-successful start). But I’ve always lived my life by one motto:

Feel the fear and take action. 

After months of zero sales, everything changed when I found Nine University’s KT V.I.P. program. I literally went from zero sales to consistent sales every day. I feel it is important to emphasis this: the only variable that changed during this time was signing up for the KT V.I.P. program and applying all the knowledge I now had at my fingertips.

Run by Kale and Taylor of Nine University (they are the real deal!), KT V.I.P. is a 7-week online program that teaches you EXACTLY how to start and grow a profitable Amazon business in 49 days. It’s a big promise and I’m happy to say, they delivered. In fact, this courseoffered me more support and solutions than any of the other “gurus” and courses I came across at the beginning of my journey. Seriously – my only regret has been not finding KT V.I.P. earlier. I would have saved myself lots of grey hairs!

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Once I got started, I was able to implement what I was learning almost immediately. I first optimized my listing following very specific strategies laid out in the program. I began to see results almost immediately! Within a week, all the products that were not selling previously, suddenly started selling.

Now, you’re probably wondering what my numbers look like. Here’s a look at my dashboard before taking the course:

KT V.I.P.’s product research method also takes a lot of the guesswork out finding the right product to sell. I remember one of my first mentors early on told me that there are products that just weren’t going to sell on Amazon well, and suggested I keep listing new products. The KT V.I.P. approach is backed with data and instead guides you into putting energy into products you KNOW will be a success by teaching you exactly HOW to choose them. The BoostNine software also simplifies the entire product research process. No need to use Jungle scout or check camelcamelcamel.

 After signing up for KT V.I.P., here’s what it started looking like… CONSISTENTLY!

So, how did this happen? 

Nine University’s KT V.I.P. was like being held by the hand step-by-step until I could virtually “walk” through every aspect of Amazon FBA. It covers everything you can think of: product research, reaching out to suppliers, packaging, shipping logistics, listing optimization, PPC, Facebook Ads. I think what’s most important to note is that this is all knowledge coming from guys who have made over $4,000,0000 on Amazon in 2018… alone! They know their stuff and they actually lay it all out. Some of the strategies are SO specific, you can’t help but feel like you’ve somehow landed in a secret goldmine. One of my favorite parts is that the whole program is sprinkled with motivation from Kale and Taylor that really keeps you inspired.

What really sold me on KT V.I.P. was the 6 weekly face-to-face Livestream Q and A Zoom calls with Kale and Taylor plus 6 and 7 figure AMZ sellers. This happens 6 days a week.  I also have a 6-figure coach for biweekly coaching sessions (disclosure: I got this with an upgraded package).

After signing up, you’re also granted access to their private Facebook community that is active ALL day long. It’s an amazing resource. 

What else is included

  • KT V.I.P. Video Portal – 257 Step by Step (over the shoulder style) Amazon FBA instructional videos arranged (7-week format).  It is designed to be watched on demand on your schedule. 
  • Nine University Facebook Ads – 199 Step by Step (over the shoulder style) Facebook Ads instructional videos (7- week format).  Also designed to be watched on demand on your schedule.
  • KT Product Pick List – 250+ Patent Checked High Demand, Low Competition, High ROI Products.  Direct links to supplier websites allows you to save weeks by sourcing a safe, verified, hand picked products in seconds. 
  • Amazing Product Photography + Models – Once you get to week 5 of the program you will realize that your product NEEDS gorgeous pictures in order to sell well.  They’ve got that taken care of.  Just send them one of your products, and they send back magazine-worthy product pictures (with models included if necessary).

The list actually goes on, if you can believe it!

My biggest takeaway from my entire experience with KT V.I.P. is that while other courses kept promising results, those courses never actually explained or showed me how to get there. With KT V.I.P. I was given a clear roadmap and actual motivation along the way.

To say this journey has been crazy and tiring is an understatement. But as someone who has seen first hand what happens when you TAKE ACTION and trust the right experts, I 100% recommend taking the leap!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.