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Kevin David: Inspiring the Next Generation of Digital Entrepreneurs

Who Is Kevin David?

A business person from Oregon Kevin David presently claims THATLifestyleNinja, a site that offers online business classes. Subsequent to exploring different avenues regarding Facebook, Google AdWords, and Amazon associate showcasing, he found out about Amazon FBA and in somewhere around 30 days had his most memorable beneficial item sell.

With in excess of 10,000 Facebook fans, 180,000 Instagram supporters, and in excess of 800,000 YouTube endorsers, Kevin David presently has a sizable web crowd. Kevin David courses have been taken by a dumbfounding 500,000 individuals, and thus, his total assets are believed to be somewhere in the range of $5 and $20 million.

Via virtual entertainment, Kevin David experiences a few put-downs and savages. In any case, he’s a truly kind person who likewise is a phenomenal finance manager and a flourishing Amazon dealer.

Many individuals have inquired as to whether Kevin David is a trick. Where it appears Kevin began running into issues is with how he attempted to manage negative audits. Clearly, he was attempting to purchase or reward individuals for leaving positive audits. That got his BBB posting suspended.

Coffeezilla and a couple of others have blamed Kevin for not exactly having heavenly strategic policies. Things like reusing content from different courses and recordings.

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By the day’s end, Kevin David is giving a lot of significant worth through his foundation and most current programming, Zonbase. He even offers assistance called AMZ Autopilot (AMZDFY), where his group starts and maintains a whole Amazon business for you. They pick an item, apply their send-off system, and handle stock, and client care, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

How Did Kevin David Make His Money?

In only a single year, Kevin David went from being nothing to a hero. He continued to work hard and acquire the necessary experience, knowledge, and competence despite his initial unfair advantage. He truly acquired everything he had ever desired a dream car and the perfect home and then gave back by helping others succeed financially online.

During the first year of his internet business, he earned $1,000 every week, astonishingly earning more than $2 million. These days, Kevin David has a considerable social media fan base, particularly on his Facebook and YouTube channels. Most of his supporters wish to benefit from his knowledge and business ventures, as well as get advice, information, and professional direction.

Kevin David’s Net Worth:

Kevin David enjoys taking pictures in front of pricey vehicles. However, he keeps a lot of his personal finances private. His estimated net worth ranges from $4 to $20 million.

I’m sure he makes a lot of money, and I can’t wait to show you how he does it, even though I don’t believe he has the same net worth as some of the most well-known business gurus in the world. Kevin David ultimately stuck to a tried-and-true formula.

Kevin David Digital Course Secrets:

After successfully launching products through Amazon FBA, a program that enables you to use Amazon’s fulfillment network to ship your products internationally, he made the decision to share his expertise with other business owners who wished to turn their side businesses into full-time careers.

Many people are considering switching to becoming Amazon FBA sellers as a result of the recent reduction in affiliate commissions for advertising products on the Amazon platform.

For 2022, the course has been updated with Amazon FBA Ninja. If you choose to purchase this course, you will discover all the necessary strategies and insider information on how to sell on Amazon. You’ll discover how to choose the right products, locate reputable suppliers, scale your sales, and even improve your organic rankings. Also covered are the fundamentals of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

Module 1 Product Research:

You may learn how to use Amazon Seller Central and set up your business from 23 videos. After that, you learn important information about patents and trademarks. Kevin then elaborates on how to actually identify the ideal goods to sell utilizing a variety of tools and techniques.

Module 2 Suppliers And Shipping:

Finding the best suppliers from Alibaba, 1688, or even American manufacturers is demonstrated in 7 step-by-step films.

Kevin then goes into detail on how to order your product and how to import it into the Amazon FBA warehouse from China. Many novice sellers may struggle here, but Kevin offers various step-by-step instructions.

Module 3 Listing Optimization:

There are nine videos that go into great detail about building your listing and preventing other sellers from stealing your brand.

The success of your new product can be greatly impacted by learning more about how to take the ideal product photos.

Module 4 Product Launch Strategies:

There are nine videos that demonstrate how to launch a new product and generate sales. Many sellers struggle because they just don’t rank on Amazon, making their products unnoticeable to shoppers. Additionally, Kevin shows you how to use email marketing to increase sales as well as freebies, coupons, video commercials, reviews, and email marketing.

Module 5 Amazon PPC, Facebook, Clickfunnels, And Instagram Traffic:

12 in-depth videos on subjects like keywords and PPC on Amazon. You must keep your Amazon PPC expenses low, or you risk squandering a significant portion of your cash reserves. On the most effective tactics to employ, Kevin goes to great lengths. Then he goes into detail about how to leverage Clickfunnels and social media to outperform your rivals. Kevin has a tremendous lot of expertise in these fields.

Module 6 Amazon Seller Central Hacks:

There are 6 videos that cover subjects including how to delete bad reviews, create numerous Amazon accounts, and stay out of trouble.

Bonus Modules:

The supplementary videos in Kevin David’s Amazon Ninja Course also cover software hacks, international expansion, and Amazon merch. Additionally, you gain access to all of Kevin’s live Q&A replays and membership in his exclusive Facebook group.


One of the reasons Kevin David can explain things so well is that he is also an Amazon merchant. Additionally, he has a sizable following on Facebook and YouTube, which illustrates the appropriate content required. The course does have one downside, though: the hacks we utilize in class are still from 2017. Many people may wonder if they will still be able to get employment in today’s industry.

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