Key Advantages of Using Mobile Broadband for Small Business Owners

Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the American rock band The Doors, once said, “The best freedom is being yourself”. Freedom in every aspect of life is invaluable. To be able to do what your heart desires without having to compromise on anything is a priceless feeling.

In a world where the use of the internet has become an absolute necessity, the ability to be able to connect to the internet as and when you desire is one freedom that you would definitely like to enjoy. This is where mobile broadband comes into the picture. If you are not sure how broadband connectivity through a mobile network can be useful for you, you need to read on. Mentioned below are the key advantages of using mobile broadband, particularly for small business owners and startup founders.

You might be thinking that mobile broadband is something more suitable for people looking for entertainment on the go and being a business owner you do not have time for entertainment, so how could mobile broadband benefit you.

Well, let me tell you that being a business person, you need mobile broadband more than anyone else. If you are not sure how broadband connectivity through a mobile network can be useful for you, you need to read on. Mentioned below are the key advantages of using mobile broadband.


One of the biggest advantages of accessing the internet through a mobile connection is the portability factor. To use this broadband connection you just need to connect to a mobile network with the help of a SIM card and you are ready to go. This broadband connectivity gives you the freedom to use your device anywhere, whether you are at home, inside your car, at your office, clubs, restaurants, or on the go, you can stay updated with your business operations and grow your startup while you are moving.

Ease of connectivity

A mobile broadband connection gives you the freedom to access the internet through various devices, including your phone, dongle, Mi-Fi, or Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also use a SIM card on your laptop or tablet for such a connection. What’s more, it’s a great means of having a reliable connection or high download speeds in places where a fixed line broadband connection is not easily available, especially when you are traveling between cities.


Mobile data plans for broadband connectivity are quite flexible. Most networks provide you the option of pay-as-you-go plans or monthly rolling contracts. With pay-as-you-go plans, you can pay in advance for your use and add more data as and when required. When you opt for a monthly rolling contract, you remain free from committing to a lengthy contract. This means you can switch to a new service provider if you find a cheaper deal. Having such flexibility in mobile data plans is definitely is plus point for every data user.

Backup solution

A mobile broadband connection can be a great backup option even when you are using a fixed line broadband connection. If your fixed line connectivity goes down due to a power outage or any other reason, the mobile connectivity can help you to carry on with your work and you won’t have to face any major loss caused due to the downtime. So, do include this option in your business plan.

Cost effective

Apart from the flexible mobile data plans that allow you to select your data package as per your budget, a mobile broadband connection does not need a phone line installation or a line rental. When you consider the upfront cost of a phone line installation and connection, it can be a substantial amount to save.

Having a broadband connectivity through a mobile network is important for anyone who has to access the internet while on the go. Whether you are a student, a traveler, or anyone who accesses the Internet when they are outside (or inside), a mobile broadband connection is a great option.