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Key Components of Social Media Graphic Design

There were 4.55 billion people on social media in 2021, and that number is only getting bigger. Social media is an essential part of our society. For both businesses and people trying to grow a following, the way your page looks can help increase your followers.

Social media graphic design is everything that goes into the appearance of your page. Do you want to attract more people to your social media pages? Keep reading, and we’ll help you understand the key components of social media design.

Know What You Want

Social media marketing always starts with knowing what you want the outcome to be. Do you want more followers? Or, more clicks on your website?

Once you know what you want, a graphic designer can create with that goal in mind. You can have different goals for different platforms. For example, Instagram is better for photo content but Facebook is great for community outreach.

At this stage, you should establish your target audience. This is the age or type of person you want your posts to reach. Knowing what you want the posts to do combined with your target audience can make your social media design stronger.

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Consistency is Key

Social media graphic design is the perfect opportunity for you to develop your brand. Understanding core identifiers for your brand like color, font, and aesthetic can maintain consistency across platforms.

Everything you include in social media posts should relate to your brand. Potential viewers should be able to look at your social media pages and instantly recognize you.

Be Bold, Colorful, and Creative

When users scroll through social media, they don’t spend very long looking at each image. When you create social media graphic design, it needs to be eyecatching. It should make your viewers stop scrolling and click your page for more.

Bright, bold color schemes will stand out in the feed. But, you need more than color to make your images pop out. Creative, unique photos and illustrations can draw attention in both feeds and suggested posts pages.

A graphic designer for social media understands what makes an image bold and iconic. Working with a social media graphic designer like can introduce your company to new ideas. They can help you cultivate your brand to stand out on social media platforms.

Easy to Read

Your social media posts need to be easy for everyone to read and understand. One way you can create easy-to-read posts is by including iconography. For example, if you make a post about a sale on your website, include images that symbolize a sale.

Another way to make your social media easy to read is by keeping text clear and understandable. It can be tempting to add extra stickers or details to text posts to make them stand out, but this makes it hard to read. When you make a social media text post, keep the background minimal and focus on the text.

Elevate Your Social Media Graphic Design Today! 

Social media graphic design has never been more important. Social media is how businesses and creators get their eyes on their products and increase sales. After following our advice for key social media design components, nothing is stopping you from growing your following!

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