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Kiss Cut vs. Die Cut Stickers: What Are the Differences?

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Stickers have made their mark as a cost-efficient way of advertising. Numerous companies have been printing stickers for years, but perhaps you are just getting started.

Kiss Cut vs. Die Cut Stickers: What Are the Differences?

Before making a final decision on the minor details, consider what type of sticker would be best: die-cut stickers or kiss-cut stickers?

Differences between Kiss Cut and Die Cut Stickers

While kiss-cut and die-cut stickers are very similar, they serve entirely different purposes. Knowing the differences between these popular sticker types can help you decide which one will be more successful for your business.

A kiss-cut sticker is a sticker cut through the vinyl layer around the edge of the design without cutting through the backing paper. An example of this is a sticker of a beach ball on a piece of square backing paper.

Once the beach ball is peeled away, you are left with the square backing paper and the now-empty sticker spot.

Kiss-cuts have numerous advantages including that extra bit of backing paper. The extra paper can be used to advertise the brand or company’s name and information, making them perfect for handing out to potential customers.

If you are thinking “where can I find kiss cutting near me,” you are asking the right question. Not only does the extra backing paper act as means for extra advertising, but it also protects the sticker and makes it easier to peel away and apply.

Die-cut stickers, on the other hand, are cut precisely around the design. The cuts go through both the vinyl and the backing paper. They are the most popular type of stickers. This is likely because they can be cut into any shape.

Die-cut stickers come with their fair share of advantages, too. Because there is less cutting per sticker, die-cut stickers tend to be lower in cost.

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Since this type lacks backing paper, it makes it easier for consumers to see exactly how the sticker will look on the surface they apply it to.

Benefits of Using Stickers to Market

Aside from the fact that stickers are fun and make for a simple way of advertising, they come with many benefits. Cost is the main benefit of using stickers for marketing.

Unlike banners, web advertisements, and TV advertisements, stickers are much more cost-friendly. In addition to their low cost, companies can use their creativity to make attractive designs that will catch the eye.

Another great benefit of stickers is that they can be placed anywhere. Unlike other types of advertising, a sticker can be placed directly on a product, on a product’s container, on handouts, or even on the bags the store uses.

This fun advertising technique allows for so much creativity since stickers can be formed into so many shapes and sizes.

Which Type of Sticker Should I Choose?

Both types of stickers come with their advantages and differences, so the decision is based on what is best for your business.

Die-cut stickers make for a great way to reach out to customers and build a relationship with them. After all, most customers view stickers as a gift rather than an advertising technique, making the bond between them and your company even stronger.

Kiss-cut stickers are much easier to peel off, making the application process quicker. If you intend to print hundreds of stickers, this might be the better option for you.

Let’s Get Sticking

Now that you have a better understanding of die-cut and kiss-cut stickers, it should be much easier to decide which type will work best for your business. Get creative, and have fun with sticker designs. After all, customers love them, and they literally “stick” them everywhere.


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