KIWANO; Worlds First Smart Scooter with Highest Safety Standards

Self-balancing electric scooters are much in demand, almost in every big and small city for a variety of reasons. They are much cheaper than gas, easy to operate, do not emit harmful carbon and above all they are fun for all ages. However, they have a few disadvantages too, i.e. they are not much safer and so may not work in all weather conditions.

Well, KIWANO has eliminated these disadvantages too and brings you a new smart self-balancing electric scooter which has almost everything that you lately wished to see in an electric scooter.

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All terrain shock absorbent tires & alloy rims make it the safer self-balancing scooter ever. KIWANO has partnered with SAMSUNG to supply the batteries and electronic components to ensure the safety. Besides that it is also Ul 2272 certified (the new safety standard for electrical systems of self-balancing scooters).

kiwano image 2Since it’s so safe, it’s suitable for all weather conditions!

Bluetooth connectivity makes KIWANO world’s first smart scooter. So through pairing up with the KIWANO app, you can track speed, total distance traveled and battery life.

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And yes, there’s a built-in speaker, through which you can play your music wirelessly and enjoy your ride the way you want!

KIWANO is available on 50% off for a limited time, so if you really want to enjoy the world’s first smart scooter at best price, order now!

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KIWANO in Their Own Words:

KIWANO was born in 2015 with a mission to create the most advanced smart electric scooters. Launching 2016 the first in its product line KIWANO KO-X all terrain smart scooter featuring advanced technologies making it one of the safest most reliable mobility scooters featuring Samsung electronics and batteries.


What Brings KIWANO to the Spotlight:

Off road mobility scooter allowing you to use it safely


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