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Know the Best Time to Send Money Abroad with Neomy

According to the “Global Expatriates: Size, Segmentation and Forecast for the Worldwide Market” report in 2014, there were about 50.5 million expats worldwide. The same reports suggests that the figure will be around 56.8 million by 2017.

Well, the number one concern of this +50 million population is to send money home as cheap as possible. On the other hand, the exchange rates fluctuate daily. So it’s really hard to keep an eye on daily rates and wait for the best time.

Neomy solves the problem as it acts as your personal assistant to keep an eye on daily rates. It alerts you when is the best time to do a money transfer, depending on the daily exchange rate’s market.

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So, if you are really concerned about sending money home on best rates, do signup. I just did and hopefully, I am going to get the early access sooner!

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I was more interested in knowing how exactly Neomy does all this, and found on their website that the app keeps on evaluating real time exchange rates (for your desired currencies) and identifies significant changes. Based on the fluctuations, it sends you an alert when it’s the best time for you to complete a transfer.

Neomy is not just about saving money, but saving your valuable time as well as keeping you away from all that headache.

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Neomy in Their Own Words:

We are a team of French expats working around the world and we all had one problem: we used to spend a lot of time, energy and money checking exchange rates daily. So we started to think about a script which would tell us when to send money abroad. It was so effective that we have developed an algorithm dedicated to exchange rate patterns. Neomy was born. She spots significant variations for each money corridor, and identifies when the best time to send money is.

After several months of optimization by sharing it with our closest, enthusiastic friends, Neomy is now autonomous as a real algorithm and learns by herself. She alerts you with confidence when is the best time for you to transfer money.

What Brings Neomy to the Spotlight:

It’s just awesome; saves your hours of effort and money too!

Neomy Website:

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