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6 Outstanding Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Reliable Label Manufacturer

Your run-of-the-mill micro-business costs about $3000 to get off the ground.

Included in that money maybe office space, the cost of labor, and of course, the price of the things you need to actually create your product.

6 Outstanding Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Reliable Label Manufacturer

Among those product crafting materials will certainly be quality labels which we advocate that you work with a label manufacturer to provide.

Why work with a label manufacturer? Several reasons, many of which businesses don’t think about until they run into production problems downstream.

To help you avoid unforeseen issues, our team has drafted up a list of reasons why industrial labeling partners should be part of your foundational team. Keep reading to learn more!

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1. Legal Compliance

When you think of labeling, the first thing that pops into your head is probably “branding”. Branding is a massive part of labeling and something we’ll talk about extensively in this post.

However, what may be more important than branding when it comes to labeling is legal compliance.

Depending on what you’re selling, you may be obligated to share certain facts with consumers before allowing them to purchase your product.

Failure to provide those facts could result in fines and in severe cases, criminal charges.

Need-to-know information might include nutrition facts, ingredients, and choking hazards. All of those necessities and more can be flagged with you by an experienced label manufacturer.

2. Workflow Tracking

As your production line grows alongside your business, how can you keep track of your product’s creation and distribution cycles? For most companies, the answer to that question is barcodes.

Barcodes do a lot more than ring up prices at a cash register. In production facilities they let companies know exactly where products are at in their creative process and how long it takes products to make their way to market.

Label manufacturers can work with you to understand bar codes and to get you set up with working ones that’ll serve your manufacturing needs.

3. Branding

Now to the obvious advantage of working with a professional label manufacturer… Branding!

Pros that craft labels for a living can help you design one that can blow you and your customers away.

If you don’t think that’s important, walk into a supermarket! As you gloss over shelves of products you don’t know much about, what is it that you find pulling your attention to some brands over others? If you’re like most people, it’s probably the packaging/labeling.

Take the time to learn more about labels and the value they drive for branding.

4. Generic Options Are Deflating in Value

Some of you may be thinking to yourself that there are plenty of label templates you can download online, print yourself, and slap on your product.

Ignoring for a moment the legal implications of using generic labeling, when it comes to catching consumer’s eyes, they can identify stock work from a mile away.

That wasn’t always the case! It used to be that you could throw stock imagery on a website and consumers would think your business had the budget to hire models or take beautiful landscape photography.

Today, consumers are inundated with so much that it’s easy for them to identify unique brand elements versus elements that are being shared by hundreds of companies across the country.

5. Keeping up With Product Orders

You’ve got your hands full as a small business owner when it comes to just producing your product.

Do you really want to add to that mix the prospect of creating accurate, eye-catching labels and figuring out how to get them affixed to everything you put out?

If you’re up to your eyeballs at work, we assume your answer to that question is no! That’s why so many lean on the best private label manufacturers to send them turn-key collateral or work with label manufacturers to affix labels on the company’s behalf as part of their daily workflow.

However, you choose to work with a label manufacturer is up to you. Just know that the more work you can allocate to them, the less you’ll have to worry about doing it on your own.

6. No Big Companies You Know to Ignore the Value of Labels

A mantra our team lives by when it comes to business is that success leaves clues.

When you look at successful companies and try to analyze what they’ve done to achieve the success they’ve enjoyed, ask yourself, are any of them ignoring the virtues of labeling/packaging?

We’re going to assume that the answer you come up with is no.

That’s because companies understand the legal, branding, and marketing implications that quality labels carry on their shoulders.

By taking your labeling seriously like the titans of industry that have before you, you too can put yourself in a position to find the success you crave.

Engaging a Label Manufacturer Is Easy

By this point, we’re hopeful that you have an understanding of the value that working with a label manufacturer can bring to your business. Now you may be wondering how you can engage one.

Like engaging any vendor, working with a label manufacturer is as easy as finding one online, reaching out to them to discuss your needs, and hearing what it is they can do for you.

Via a quick conversation, you may very well find the perfect partner for all of your manufacturing needs!

Need more business advice? Curious to learn more about custom textile labels or packaging? If so, we welcome you to explore more of the latest content on our blog.

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