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Landing Page Optimization Best Practices for Increased Conversion Rate

Strategy comes first when it comes to develop just any plan and so is the case with Search Marketing.The biggest mistake most of the advertisers do is to look for more clicks in the SEO and SEM campaigns. But, a click is useless if it doesn’t convert.

A quick comparison of two different search engine marketing campaigns can better explain why conversion matters most.

clicks vs conversions overview

Campaign A focused on clicks while B worked on acquisitions and ended up saving almost half of the money on acquiring new customers.

Now conversion doesn’t always mean to make a sale, rather it can be any particular goal that enables the customer to his interest in product or service. Some most common conversion types are: 

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  • Customers fills out the product/service inquiry form.
  • Downloads the white paper or guide.
  • Signs up for the newsletter.
  • Shares the offer via email or over social media.
landing page optimization best practices

So, the very first most important step is to specify conversions and then focus on acquiring users not just the visitors. Focusing more on users acquisition is what we call Conversion Rate Optimization and here’s a detailed guide on how to develop a successful conversion rate optimization strategy.

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Well, conversion optimization strategy may differ from website to website, but by following some simple landing page optimization best practices one can develop a result oriented conversion optimization strategy.

Here goes my list of landing page optimization best practices that actually help in increasing conversion rate on website:

1- Remove unnecessary form fields; people don’t have that much time to fill it out.

2- Did you know that red color call-to-action converts better than a green? Well, it’s doesn’t mean you should just put a red color Call to Action ignoring your website color scheme. Rather, it means to use what feels more prominent with the background.

3- Use multiple alternative Call to Actions, i.e. think beyond “Buy Now”, move to “Get Started”, “Try it”, “Request Call Back”, “Grab This”, “Get Instant Access” and whatever else you can think of!

4- Must have one Call to Action above the fold; just to make sure that those visitors in hurry do not miss it!

5- Write clear and compelling headlines.

6- Offer limited-time promotions and tell them how important stuff they are going to miss if they don’t take action now.

7- Do offer something FREE. If you do not sell tangible products, offering free consultation or something similar will do the magic.

8- Display all the contact option clearly on landing page and the link to contact page must be available on all pages. Displaying the contact number and support email right in the header area improves conversions.

9- Add product videos to show your product in action. You must know that actions speak louder than words!

10- Do get testimonials from existing users or grab some by distributing review copies/free products and show a couple of testimonials’ excerpts right on the landing page. Be sure to have real testimonials.

11- Showing off your award badges and certifications builds more trust among visitors and ultimately turns them into customers.

12- Embed social media and local directory reviews with the trust badges to give your visitors another good reason to trust you.

13- Adding security seals, let’s the user not to have second thought when they are decided to buy. These security seals, i.e. SSL etc are though expensive, but they reduce anxiety among consumers which ultimately increases your customer base.

14- A picture of the founder will build more trust than that of a stock image. Generally, the people who intend to buy doubt if you’re using just another stock photo. Replace all the stock photos with your people’s photos and it will increase your credibility.

15- Automatic sliders are reported to be reducing the conversions. Better is to avoid them and use static alternatives.

16- Use the right software; there are too many tools available in the market for optimizing your landing pages, but the choice of right tools matters most. For instance if you sell services, you will find this Kartra review from very useful.

Making changes on your website may generate more problems if you are not an expert in the backend stuff; involve a designer/coding expert to avoid any inconvenience. Also, if you are not good at writing compelling text, better is to get it done by an expert. As a whole conversion optimization itself is an investment and have some risk factors involved too, but there’s no harm in taking calculated risk!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.