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9 Tips to Make Money in a Lash Franchise

Have you been wanting to put up a lash franchise business?

9 Tips to Make Money in a Lash Franchise

Of course, considering this, we also acknowledge that heading into this industry may be daunting. But at the end of the day, you want your lash business to be a success.

As a result, in this blog post, we’ll go through nine tips to help you get your company off on the right foot.

1. You may start by renting a chair in an already existing lash bar or you may want to start out of your own home

The place of business is going to be one of the first things that you have to decide when you are to open a lash franchise.

The beauty industry, particularly the lash extension market, has the advantage of allowing you to work from home. Naturally, for anyone with no current clientele, that’s a more cost-effective choice.

Another choice is to hire a chair in an established lash bar if you already have a client base but don’t want to take the leap into renting your own office.

2. Investing in good quality glue and lashes is a must

Although you can be inclined to make cuts when you start your company, it’s critical to invest in high-quality glue and lashes.

Not only would this change the consistency of your job and the actual appearance, but this will put you at risk of a complaint if a customer has a negative response all along.

It’s wise to start small with a high-quality lash starter kit from Amazon or some other eyelash retailer than to sell a variety of low-quality alternatives.

3. You can still create a professional-looking salon even when you are at home

Even if you want to provide your services from your residence, it’s always necessary to consider how to create a professional environment. Just because you’re running your eyelash business from your guest room doesn’t mean it has to appear like one!

This does not imply that you would pay substantial amounts of money. Secondhand stores, thrift stores, and other similar establishments are excellent sources for furnishings that will turn your room into a true salon.

Take into account that this often applies to the living space, which often at-home lash technicians use as a waiting area.

Artworks and flowers, for example, will help to complete the look. Consider providing free tea or sweets to the customers as they wait.

4. You can start practicing on your friends or family and other networks

Your first customers are usually your colleagues and close relatives. Don’t strike them off completely. This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire exposure and improve your skills whilst still can your self-assurance.

In a similar way, it’s important to make an attempt to build your own social network. Relationships are critical to a company’s growth. People are much more inclined to fund companies run by people they trust.

There are several apps available today, such as MeetUp, that enable you to attend group meetups across what interests you. Entering a forum for single company owners will be a perfect choice here.

5. Always keep in mind that social media marketing is key

Although a lot of people are already well-acquainted with online marketing, it is still important that you have a good grasp of how to utilize these channels effectively.

The most successful is with Instagram for most lash technicians (Another great option is Facebook).

The trick to progress, though, is to use the effect of social proof: share photos of your job. Photographs of the before and after are extremely convincing.

Consider providing free resources to individuals you meet in real life who want to post it on the internet (and have a following) in return for sharing their experience on social media.

When it comes to getting the best out of Instagram, you may even run Instagram advertisements at a low discount.

As to Facebook, posting in local groups, or Facebook groups for people in your specific area is a powerful choice.

6. Getting reviews is important

Although most people are comfortable with social networking ads, local search is less well-known. In a lot of respects, you want your company to appear at the top of search results as users type in “lash salon near me” with their google search.

Ask the client to leave a review whenever they tell you just how they enjoy their lashes!

7. Consider a Scheduling Software For Marketing

When you think about “scheduling tech,” you probably think of software that makes appointments for you – for example, an online eyelash appointment book, this is very true because you will surely need online scheduling software, especially as your client base starts to build up.

However, we’d like to express out that, as the company grows, scheduling tools may be a valuable method for attracting new customers. Many scheduling tech options, for example, would link you to their own marketplace, which is a database of customers looking for services similar to yours.

So when people browse the internet and they search for “lash extensions nearby”, you should see to it that your lash business will appear on top of the list along with the client’s option to have your services booked online right away.

The ability to schedule an appointment straight away offers the company a strategic advantage.

8. See to it that you are proactive by asking your clients to have their next appointments scheduled

Having customers to visit is just the first phase in starting an eyelash extension venture. You’d still want the consumer to come back. The issue is whether you can’t rely on the client to manage anything on their own, thus always be proactive to your customers.

It’s a smart idea to ask clients if they’d like to arrange their next meeting with you right then and there at the conclusion of each session.

9. Having business cards for your lash business is a great investment

Even though they appear to be no longer necessary, these business cards are still one of the traditional ways of expanding your business. They are, however, a sound investment (and they’re not even that expensive) when it comes to starting your lash company.

Giving your business cards to your new customers is a smart way to put them to good use.

If a customer is asked where they had their lashes done, they should easily take out your business card! This, once again, makes use of the influence of referrals.


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