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Despite the predictions of little or no increase in the courier and delivery business till next few years, we have witnessed that there is always a need for delivery companies. Let it be international delivery of legal and financial documents, over-sized materials or secure items or local delivery of grocery items, all you need is exploring the opportunity, and you will find business there.

Starting an on-demand delivery business may not be challenging in terms of setting up, but it can actually be way too expensive if you are going to create the digital infrastructure from scratch. It’s not just the cost in terms of money, but it will need a longer turnaround time as well.

The ideal solution for such a scenario is a readily available system. ZenDeliver is one such one such solution with which you can set up your own on-demand delivery business overnight.

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ZenDeliver offers you very own brands customers app, a couriers app, and a powerful Admin Panel where you can manage your entire business.

It’s going to make your on-demand delivery business way easier than you can think. Your customers will be able to order, pay and track their deliveries. The drivers app for your couriers will make it easy to accept and deliver packages for your customers. On the other hand, you can manage your customers, couriers, payments & everything else from the Admin Panel.

ZenDeliver will be publicly available this December; subscribe today to get notified when it’s launched.

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ZenDeliver in Their Own Words:

With ZenDeliver it is now easier than ever for you to start your own on-demand delivery business. ZenDeliver provides you with your very own branded customers app, a couriers App, and a powerful Admin Panel where you can manage your entire business online. We manage and support all the technology so you can just focus on your business. All of our plans include a re-skin option so you can customize your apps to look exactly like you want.

Our developers will work with you hands on to add or customize anything on your apps. Your customers will never see our branding. We have built an entire technology infrastructure to power all of our customers.

Our in-house developers are on staff 24/7 to assist you with any of your questions or concerns. All of your apps will be hosted on our in-house scalable server so we can make sure everything is always running smooth as butter.

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Quickest way to get an on-demand delivery business online!

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