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Launchable Labs: Co-Learning & Co-Working Made Easy

Learning and working are two important aspects of any professional’s life. It won’t be wrong to say that both of them are interconnected too, as one has got great influence over the outcome of the other.

The present education systems do not encourage teachers to promote the idea of co-learning outside the educational setups. On the other hand, the co-learning and co-working while sharing the unused workspace can actually be quite beneficial for the startups as well as for those professionals who work independently.

As this era is marked by introduction of innumerable startups across various industries, there is a shortfall of centralized platforms that can be used by startups for co-working as well as co-learning.

Launchable Labs is making great effort in integrating the independent workers to establish connection and expand not only their professional networks but also skill sets.

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It is going to be an effective co-working and co-learning platform to help professionals to learn, that too, at the workspace of their choice. The centralized platform lists and allows the users to book workspaces and classes in their area.

You can browse the list of available workspaces for rent, whereas the co-learning features of the platform will provide list of classes, courses, discussion and workshop in an around your area.

It’s surely going to be a great help for startups and small businesses to increase productivity by utilizing their own workspace at optimum as well as by allowing the employees to enhance their skills and improve efficiency!

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Launchable Labs in Their Own Words:

We are creating a centralized platform to list and book available workspaces and classes to bring back the community feel to the independent workforce. Our platform allows anyone to list available workspace to rent out to others on a short-term, on-demand basis. We’re also providing a co-learning community for people to list a class, workshop or discussion they want to teach in a setting that makes learning more accessible and affordable to all.

What Brings Launchable Labs to the Spotlight:

It’s a centralized platform for freelancers and startups to find short-term workspaces at the local level that makes great teachers more accessible and affordable in local communities outside of formal educational settings.

Launchable Labs Website:

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