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Layup; Revolutionizing the Web Design

Hiring an efficient design and development resource is the most common challenge for almost all small business startups on tight budget. A good designer is costly to have, and you may not find good quality and that particular look and feel if you get things done cheaper!

Well, many times you have a good design sense of your own, but you cannot do it just because of technical difficulties. This is when you actually need Layup; a comprehensive and easiest to use design tool for non techies.

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Be a designer yourself, and start creating beautiful websites without dealing with any technical aspects. Layup looks and feels like a regular design tool, so you should not worry about the backend and focus on the aesthetics and usability of your website. It will automatically generate a clean code in the background and ultimately you will create a fully functional HTML5 website available on any device.

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It’s useful not just for a small business on tight budget, but also for marketers, design, sales and communication teams to deliver websites, landing pages, reports, presentations, digital magazines etc. in less time with less effort!

Try layup to increase the productivity!

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Layup in Their Own Words:

Layup is a powerful design tool that will revolutionize the way you work on web design. Professional features will put you in charge of any project on the web – from websites to digital magazines.

Layup is your technical partner, and preferred tool, while creating unique experiences on the web. Web design is now in the hands of the designer. Creatives can now be independent from developers, with a new design tool, new advanced features and a sophisticated HTML5 output straight to your chosen domain. Tell unique stories in any format online and be digital first.

What Brings Layup to the Spotlight:

It’s easy to use, comes with a huge list of functions & features, saves times and so saves money!

Layup Website:

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