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5 Lead Generation Ideas For Your Startup Business

61 percent of marketers say lead generation is their number one biggest challenge.

These are highly trained experts with decades of experience, yet they still struggle to generate leads for their clients. So, as a startup business owner, it’s logical to wonder how to overcome this obstacle. You don’t have any marketing training or experience to rely on to generate leads.

To help you out, here are five lead generation ideas for your startup business.

1. Invest In Lead Generation Ads

Lead generation ads allow your business to collect data from potential buyers. With this data, it’s easy to understand the target market’s needs, wants and preferences. Your goal is to use this information to refine your product offering, thereby increasing leads.

However, as a new entrepreneur creating relevant lead generation ads might be challenging. Consider hiring a professional lead generation agency to counter this challenge. This agency will help you develop strategies that give your startup an edge.

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2. Create High-Quality Blog Content

Blog content answers question potential customers have about your startup business. It helps your startup build credibility and create an emotional connection with potential buyers. So, to increase leads, invest in relevant and engaging blog content.

Also, remember to add a call to action to all your blog posts. Your goal is to prompt them to take actions such as subscribing to your newsletter or adding a product to a cart.

3. Share Online Reviews As Social Proof

87 percent of consumers read online reviews when searching for local businesses. These consumers are reluctant to buy from a business with zero reviews. Without reviews, it’s hard to tell the quality of products/services a given company sells.

Your startup business should request reviews from customers to simplify lead generation. You want to use online reviews as social proof to draw in more leads.

4. Start A Referral Program

To accelerate business growth, look for ways existing customers can help you generate leads. Give them incentives to promote your business to their friends and relatives. The idea is to leverage these people’s relationships to increase brand awareness.

So, look for resources to educate you on creating an effective referral program.

5. Use Social Media

As a startup business owner, find out how different social media platforms works to decide which one to use. Target platforms with many users to increase brand awareness. Also, learn to create engaging social media content to build a positive brand image and generate leads.

Give Your Startup An Edge By Adopting Effective Lead Generation Ideas

Adopt the above lead generation strategies to give your startup business an edge. So, learn how lead generation ads work and how to use them. Also, weigh the need to hire a professional lead generation agency.

You want to get professional help generating leads and converting them.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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