Learn to Work Smartly in Short Intervals; Advice for Mompreneurs

Motherhood brings a totally new lifestyle, but business needs more and more efforts for growth. This is the point where you decide to have a flexible business model being a mompreneur. Where you need to learn all new things about running a business along with home, you must be open to try new methods depending on your very own situation.


Barbara Anderson who runs an online content development firm shared this optimized method with us. Let’s see how it works.

With a newborn in my arms the very first thing I could understand was that gone are the days when I was able to manage hours of concentration on computer. So, I had to learn a new skill, i.e. working in small intervals. But, it’s not that easy to  stop quickly and re-engage even faster, you need to master this skill in order to increase productivity.

Some simple things may help you mastering the skill but only practice makes you perfect. So here is what you may find useful:

1- With a baby; you must take notes of everything.

2- Regardless of the fact that your business is online and your work is all about computers,most important TO DOs should be placed on the busiest location in your home. A whiteboard works perfect for this.

3- Set a reminder before getting up from the computer.

4- Schedule works perfect, i.e. having daily TO DOs list.

5-  Tasks that take longer intervals or need more concentration should be scheduled during baby nap time. Read more about taking advantage of baby naps.

Other than Barbara’s advices above I will add one more thing to it; waking up an hour earlier to baby in the morning also lets you do effective and measurable planning. It’s difficult, but practicing for a couple of weeks lets you get used to of the method and things start working.

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