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A Quick Guide to LED Parking Lot Lighting

If you’re looking for ways to save money, switching to LED lighting in your parking lot is the perfect option. While there will be an upfront cost, the money-saving benefits and efficiency of LED lighting will take away the sting of the initial investment.

A Quick Guide to LED Parking Lot Lighting

But what are LED lights, their benefits, and how can switching to LED save money? Let’s dive in.

What Are LED Lights?

LED (light-emitting diode) lights use electricity passing through a semiconductor to create light. The illumination is immediate and the light does not heat or burn out at the high rate that other bulbs do.

Although first created in 1927, the technology of LED lights was expensive and limited until 2008. When the cost to manufacture LED bulbs became cheaper they became a true contender to the other lighting options available on the market.

Today, LED lights can be found in almost every form of technology we use, from Christmas lights to LCD screens.

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What Are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

LED lighting has become so prevalent because it offers many benefits that other types of lighting can’t compete with. LED lights are cost-effective, energy-efficient, effective, and safer than other lighting options.


Incandescent bulbs may be cheaper to buy, but you get what you pay for. They have a light lifespan of approximately 750-2,000 hours. Fluorescent bulbs can last a little longer with a range of 24,000-36,000 hours. Yet when you consider that LED bulbs boast an average of 50,000 hours, the choice is clear.

LED lights also are energy-efficient, using 75% less energy than other bulbs, which will lower your electricity bill.

Buying LED lighting for your company parking lot means fewer maintenance fees, fewer replacements, lower utility bills, and—because LED bulbs don’t contain hazardous material like fluorescent bulbs do—cheaper disposal.


A well-lit parking lot is easy to take for granted. All it takes is one experience of walking to your car in a dark lot to realize how important illumination is to feel safe and locate your vehicle.

LED lights specifically for a commercial parking lot are 20,000 lumens. Spaced properly, LED lighting will effectively light your security feed and keep patrons and staff feeling safe. Click here to learn about using LED high bay lights.

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs can take time to warm up and reach their full light potential. LED lights to provide immediate and consistent brilliance (which means no more horror-movie flickering).


Fluorescent, metal halide, HID, and high-pressure sodium bulbs all contain mercury and require special and expensive disposal. LED lights contain no hazardous material and can be thrown away with the regular trash.

The Best Parking Lot Is an LED-Lit Parking Lot

If you’re looking into money-saving parking lot renovations, the first thing to replace should be the lighting. LED lights will provide you with a bright, cost-saving, and energy-efficient parking lot.

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