Lend Stuff to Your Friends & Get it Back with Lendogram

Did you lend that DVD to a friend some months back and literally forgot about it?

Well, that’s not the case with DVD alone, almost all of us lend some stuff to friends now and then; let it be that cool jacket, books, blender, or just anything that they needed.

Lending is no doubt a great way to save money but, most important is to keep track of who has what; after all you may need it yourself! Keeping a track, however, is a pain; and in some cases your friend may swear that she never borrowed your favorite hoodie!

Well, Lendogram can make your life way easier! It’s a super easy and quick way to keep track of the stuff you lend to friends. With Lendogram you won’t forget whom you lent that great book to, or which playdate parent owns the toy you borrowed for your child.

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The best part is that you don’t have to ask your friends to return your stuff. Lendogram can take the and store the pictures for visual reminders and will send reminders to them!

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Lendogram in Their Own Words:

Lendogram is a sharing platform. Use it when you lend out stuff to your friends to keep track of it and get it back or to borrow stuff and save money.

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As someone who lends out a lot of stuff, it’s hard to keep track of who has what. Lendogram solves that for you. As someone who only needs something for a short and limited period of time, you can borrow it from friends and save money.


What Brings Lendogram to the Spotlight:

Share your stuff with friends, keep track of it and get it back.


Lendogram Website: http://www.lendogram.com

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