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Let Your Amazing App Idea Get Life with Hive

Smartphones and tabs are the current reality; millions around the world are smart phone users. Current worth of mobile phone apps market alone is $25 billion and so the mobile app industry is certainly one lucrative business of tomorrow.

However, every innovative app developer faces one big question, how and where to get started in the easiest and quickest way possible. Answer to this important question lies with Hive.

Hive offers to solve all the difficulties usually associated with the app development process. It eases all the hurdles that developers encounter, and lets your amazing app ideas get a life. It acts as a meeting up place for people with interesting and unique app ideas and ones who can transform those ideas in to reality. Share your app idea or help someone’s amazing idea to turn into a useful app and make money for your contribution.

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Hive is useful for the developers, as it minimizes the time consumption in app development to half. It offers developers a single location fully equipped with all essential app development tools. In mere 60 seconds the initial code is generated to the developers. So, the newbie app developers can also move fast!

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Hive effectively connects individuals with app ideas with mobile app industry. With Hive, the costs involved in the app development are slashed to minimal rate. There are no upfront costs involved hence the entire development process becomes impressively well organized.

Hive is a helpful tool for app developers and people with innovative minds.

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Hive in Their Own Words:

Hive solves the difficulty to entry in the mobile app development industry. Not only is app development extremely expensive but it is also insanely time consuming. With Hive you are able to have your app ideas developed with no cost up front, instead you share equity with the development team that made your idea happen!

For developers, we cut down the time it takes to develop apps in a revolutionary way by integrating all the tools that you use and love into a single location….instantly! Making the development process more efficient and organized than ever before.


What Brings Hive to the Spotlight:

It is cost and time effective and provides developers and laymen with a well organized infrastructure to benefit from the lucrative mobile app market.


Hive Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.