List of Best Email Marketing Tools for Startups & Small Business

Despite the hyperactivity of your target audience over social media platforms, email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools for startups. And in fact, it is one of the highly trusted media to boost sales.

No matter, how much time your target audience spends on social media or how much they are interested in clicking ads they see while browsing various websites, they all own at least one active email address which they check daily and they trust the offers in their inbox more than the ones over social media and other websites.

The crux is, email marketing is simple—and extremely effective—if done correctly.

So, if you are a startup aiming to move to the next level or a stable small business with growth target, you must invest a handsome amount of your startup marketing budget in email marketing.

But wait, just spending money on email marketing is not the way out. You need to have a plan and most importantly you should have the best email marketing tools in hand to make sure that your efforts are going in the right direction.

Knowing the tools and choosing the right ones is extremely important, especially in the case of startups, when you’re burning through cash and need to produce results as quickly as possible.

This article will list some of the best email marketing tools for startups and small business owners.

Here goes the list:

Forget about sending emails from your own server; it’s just going to increase the load and most of your emails will land in the junk folders of recipients because of all major email service providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Live) flag emails from fresh servers. So, the first step is to invest in a good email marketing service. Here are some really awesome services to choose from:

1- MailerLite: Free for 1000 subscribers and then comparatively cost effective, highly efficient account filters and tons of free drag and drop templates.

2- MailChimp: Free for 2000 subscribers, and then relatively costly as compared to Mailerlite, but still a high end service for budget startups.

3- SendGrid: A highly cost effective solution for startups that need to send out massive emails on daily basis.

4- FreshMail: an effective email marketing tool for startups & small businesses.

5- Campaigner: another high end email marketing service for small business & startups, with distinguished features.

6- Ariticmail: a cost effective option for small business with large subscriber base.

Next step is to have a healthy subscribers’ list. Many times they switch email account or no longer open your emails, so you must keep a periodic check and update your lists accordingly. Almost all of the above mentioned services allow you to increase subscribers by using the subscription buttons, landing pages, pop ups and other element, but they don’t check if the email address is working or not, until you send out a mail to that email address.

7- Do check Email List Verify App. It’s an awesome tool to maintain clean and healthy email lists.

Now let me explain that email marketing is not just about sending mails and promoting your deals and seasonal offers etc. Depending upon your business model, email marketing can be your complete lead generation medium and so you must explore some more platforms that better serve the B2B and other specific industries. Here’s some more email marketing tools worth reviewing.

8- Mailroof: for maximizing sales and better customer retention, they have specific automation and intelligent features.

9- G-Lock EasyMail7: this is quite cost effective and robust option to connect with your clients as it has some major features that go beyond traditional email marketing.

10- ClickPoint Software: this one is not just for lead capturing, but for a complete lead generation funnel. Ideally, this software is a great investment for B2B companies with a regular flow of incoming leads.

11- CloudSponge: It’s an effective email referral channel, so must opt for it, when you have a foolproof referral marketing plan in hand.

Bottom Line:

The purpose of this article is to list some of the best email marketing tools for startups and small businesses. The choice is completely yours, depending upon your requirements. We will keep the list updated with more new tools.