List of Equipment & Supplies Required for Small Bakery Business

In order to start your own bakery, you need a list of equipment and essential supplies. It is very important to have a complete list of items required to start and run a bakery business, especially when you are preparing the bakery business plan; you need to quote the equipment and supplies cost in the financial planning section. Moreover, a complete list will make sure, you’ve everything needed to start operations.

This article will list the basic equipment you must have to open a bakery business, whether it’s a home based bakery or one in a busy commercial area. You may rent a commercial kitchen too to avoid heavy costs, however, you must have to buy the small baking specific items.

Here goes the list:

1- Baking Equipment; a must for starting a bakery business. A huge variety of equipment is categorized under this head, i.e.

  • A commercial mixer with a variety of mixing accessories. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a stand or tabletop mixer.
  • Heavy duty food processor/chopper, because you will need it for a variety of recipes.
  • A turnover machine for crimping, folding, trimming and sealing dough.
  • Slicers to help in preparing loaves and bagels.
  • A bakery should also be stocked with other essential utensils such as rolling pins, dough rolling mats, icing grates and spatulas of every size.
  • If you’re planning to offer cakes and custom cakes, make sure to stock your bakery with a variety of cake décor accessories and supplies.
  • Oven; without it, baking cannot happen.
  • A variety of pans for different applications, i.e. pies, cakes, spring forms, loaves, etc.
  • Donut fryer.

2- Storage Equipment & Supplies; every business requires storage supplies in one way or other and so is the case with bakery business. You need to store supplies, utensils, etc. as well as display/store prepared goods in a clean and hygienic environment, and for this very purpose, you require a list of storage equipment and supplies which may include:

  • Shelving is one of the most important requirements for a bakery because it serves as a storage space for keeping all your ingredients, other supplies, plates, and utensils etc.
  • Refrigerator and a freezer are must have appliances for a bakery because the business will need a lot of refrigeration, i.e. you need to keep all your ingredients fresh and make things much easier for you and your employees when you receive a new order. You may start a home based bakery with a refrigerator only, but ultimately, you will need freezers too!
  • Pans & storage utensils.
  • Food bags.

3- Display & Packaging; your presentation makes the first impression so make sure, you have everything to present your baked stuff in the best possible way. Things needs for presentation may include:

  • Display cases are must for presentation as it’s the key to attracting customers. You may skip this item in case of an online bakery, but there you will require a highly responsive website to display your items with an option to order online.
  • Good quality packaging; since there are so many options for packaging available, you need to spend some time to explore the ideas and have one that best suits your brand. Make sure you have everything to make packaging impressive, i.e. cardboard, and plastic, waxed paper, etc.
  • Serving trays/plates/cutlery; particularly when you are opening a bakery with the seating arrangement.

4- Other Equipment & Supplies; starting and running a bakery is not just about storing ingredients, baking and selling, rather it’s more of a systematic business process whereby you are running operations to make profits. So, you need a list of items other than baking, storing and packaging, and the list includes:

  • A good business accounting software.
  • An organized filing system.
  • Aprons, hair nets, hats
  • Merchant account solution in order to accept credit cards.
  • A delivery bike/van if you plan to offer delivery service. You may also partner up with services like Uber to save the cost of van/bike.

The Bottom Line:

Depending upon your business model, you may need some more items, but the items mentioned in my list are the ones without which you cannot start/run a bakery business. So, make sure, you have them all!