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Looking for Solar Installer in New Mexico? Consider These 3 Points!

New Mexico is taking a step forward in harnessing solar energy as it reaches the top 5 in the US Highest Solar Generation Percentage. This “land of enchantment” boasts not only of its scenic beauty and rich history but of its abundance of radiant energy as well.

Every year, New Mexico experiences 300 days of sunshine that can power thousands of homes and establishments.

There is now an increased demand for solar panels, and solar in New Mexico has plenty of options. More homes and businesses are shifting to this clean and renewable energy resource mainly because of the state government’s tax incentives.

New Mexicans are also now more aware that solar energy allows them to save a lot of money while preserving their beloved state’s environment as well. These reasons are more than enough to have solar panels installed in your home.

As of the third quarter of 2019, there are already about 137 solar installers in New Mexico. So, if you are considering to build a green business, shifting to solar power is a great step, however, finding the best solar installation company may seem to be a daunting task.  But with the following tips, you will be well on your way to getting the most reliable solar installer for your home.

1- Choose Local

Nobody knows the solar landscape in New Mexico more than a locally owned and homegrown company. New Mexicans have a passion for harnessing solar energy. When it comes to solar, New Mexico has many experts. The deep love that New Mexicans have for their state’s enchanting beauty drives them to provide the cleanest and most sustainable energy resource.

Solar irradiance is one of the state’s bountiful resources, and local solar companies know that this can offer their fellow New Mexicans low-cost electricity. These companies know the state’s sunshine, weather, and altitude by heart, so you know you are in good hands.

Also, local companies know the state’s rebates and incentives better than a national company. They are also well-versed in New Mexico’s permitting requirements. And since their service is limited to your state, the process, from quotation to the actual installation, moves faster.

2- Individualized Service

Not all homes and roof qualities are the same. Make sure that your solar installer can customize the solar panels according to your specifications. Check if they have different mounting options that are appropriate for your installation needs.

Also, choose an installer that can provide the technology for your budget and priorities. Maybe you are willing to spend on sleek solar panels for their extended warranty. Or you prefer an inverter that has a backup power supply in case the grid is down. Whatever you choose, a reputable solar installer should have the right equipment to meet your needs.

3- A Solid Reputation

Find a solar company that has years of service and many satisfied clients under their belt. Check for certification and ask for recent solar courses and training that their team has completed. Solar installation is a task best left to the experts, so taking a risk with less qualified ones is not a good idea.

Many homes and establishments in New Mexico already have solar panels, so you have a vast resource for actual reviews and recommendations. You may even ask the company that you are focusing on if they have referrals that you can interview.

Another resource would be online reviews in forums and platforms created by the Department of Energy. By doing the preparation needed, you can be assured that your investment in the solar installation will be maximized.

Ensure that the company has its installation team. Companies that outsource their labor may be less predictable.

The Bottom Line:

With the government’s support, every home and commercial setup will be harnessing the power of the sun in the coming years, and going green is the ultimate future. By choosing the best solar installer, you are contributing to the bright future of New Mexico’s solar energy industry.

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