Low Cost or No Cost Startup Business Ideas

Remember that no business in the world is easy to do, however, if you chose to run a business according to your aptitude, expertise and the skills set you have, chances of success are more.

So, if you are tired of 9-6 life and or want to do something independently but do not have huge investment, some of the following business ideas might help you to take a good start.

Many of these are no cost business ideas, but not all, so some will need little establishment cost and a few running costs.


Check out these ideas and match them with your aptitude, expertise and skills.

  1. Arts & crafts business

  2. Interior designer

  3. Jewelry designer

  4. Webdesigning

  5. Web Development

  6. Marketing Consultant

  7. Sports coach

  8. Kiosk Sales

  9. Online Sales

  10. Gifts & Flowers Delivery

  11. Bookkeeping

  12. Virtual Assistant Business

  13. Child-care

  14. Elder Care

  15. Wedding Organizer

  16. Personal shopper

  17. Tutoring service

  18. Cleaning Service

  19. Event Planning & Management Business

  20. Photography Service

  21. Laundry Service

  22. Homemade Food Service

  23. Content Producer

  24. Property Management Service

  25. Computer Repair Service

  26. Business Broker

  27. Personal Trainer

  28. Music Tutoring

  29. Dance Coaching

  30. Home Based Bakery

  31. Translation Service

  32. Car Washing Service

  33. Tourist Guide Business

  34. HR Services Business

  35. Career Counselor

  36. Used Clothes Trading

  37. Used Furniture Trading

  38. Tailoring Business

  39. Guest House/Bed & Breakfast Business

  40. Online Trading

  41. Vegetable Growing

  42. Blogging

  43. Social Media Consultant

  44. Personal Chef

  45. Cooking Instructor Service

  46. Business Writing Service

  47. Kids Cab Service

  48. Private Transport Service

  49. Interior Decoration Service

  50. Public Speaker

  51. Makeup Artist