Low Cost Small Business Ideas That Does Work in UK

52 Profitable Small Business Ideas That You Can Open in the UK

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The ongoing increase in expenses due to family expansion, recession, unemployment, changes in the labor market, and many other factors do exist in all big and small economies around the world and UK is no exception.

52 Profitable Small Business Ideas That You Can Open in the UK

All these are unavoidable situations and the only way out a common man may have is to set up a side business and free company formation

This article will focus on some of the best small business ideas that are popular yet profitable in the UK. These small business ideas either involve a very low cost or else these are no-cost businesses. Some of these are traditional ideas, while others are completely new business ideas.

Let’s look into the options:

low cost start up business ideas uk

1- Antiques Trade

You may do this business offline, but trading on websites like eBay will get you more buyers.

2- Babysitting

This is best option if you can spare a few hours in the morning or evenings and know some working and busy parents desperate to have your service.

3- ElderCare

This will require almost the same skills that you need for babysitting. However, think differently and you can set up an elder’s cafe or something like this within your house where elders meet elders and have their own local social networking just like old times. They will love it, their families will also and of course you too!

4- Bed and Breakfast

Ideally, if you’ve got a spare room, let it earn some extra pounds for you!

5- Paying Guest Service

The one above may not always be earning, so plan and get it done professionally. This is the best option if you live near tourist places or a student area.

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6- Homemade Cupcakes:

Get some extra pounds if you love baking!

7- Custom Cakes

You love making and decorating cakes? Shooting pictures and sharing on Facebook! Just do it professionally and turn it into a business! You may also consider starting a home-based bakery.

8- Car Cleaning/Valeting

This could be a perfect side business if you are already employed in a similar sort of business. Starting it as a specialized business will however need you to focus fully on it.

9- Catering

You don’t need and formal qualifications for such business, it’s all about producing and delivering good food.

10- Computer Repairer/Troubleshooter

Everyone needs it everywhere, all you need to do is to market yourself in the target market segment.

11- Cosmetics Sales

You may need a lot of time to meet people to sell stuff, but if you sell online, that can generate more sales in less time.

12- Data Entry

Probably not for everyone, but yes for those students in the UK who want to do something stay at home.

13- Content Development

If you are good at writing, why not make it a business!

14- Dinner Preparation

If you know about cooking multiple cuisines and know people who need your service, why not to turn your skill into a proper business!

15- Office Food Delivery

Home-cooked food delivered in the office is a blessing for those poor souls who are tired of eating junk and unhealthy food on daily basis. Help them to help yourself!

16- Personal Shopper

There are a lot of people in all localities who do not have time to shop for groceries even. Find them and get your business.

17- Become a DJ

You make money with extreme fun. Isn’t it?

18- Event Organisation

Get some weddings and birthday parties done for your friends and distribute your business card there. You will get good business for sure!

19- Child Day Care

If you have a baby and you want to help new mothers, why not hire a few maids and set up your own daycare business. All you need to do is to do a short course with Britishdoulas.co.uk and work locally. You must know some basic requirements for a daycare business and should also consider these things before starting your own childcare setup.

20- Everything 10 Pounds Online Gift Shop

It will need some investment, but you may avoid buying stuff if they are available in the market and you buy only when you get orders.

21- Flower Delivery Service

Hundreds of people have birthdays daily and tens of people want to wish them with flowers! Here are few tips to start a florist business.

22-  Garage Sale Every Month/Week

You know what you can sell in your area and where to market your sale for more visitors!

23-  House Cleaning Services

We all need a clean house, but not all of us can do it on our own for multiple reasons. Follow the residential cleaning business overview and know how to start a cleaning business from scratch.

24- Gardening Services

Everyone wishes to keep a garden, but maintaining it is not that easy. This is where you get the chance to do business! You can also hire a construction marketing agency to market and grow your gardening business.”

25-  Home Based Vegetable Garden

Produce fresh, sell fresh, and make fresh money!

26- Handmade Greeting Cards

Email, SMS, Facebook, and everything else is there, but people still treat their loved ones especially. This is just one such way!

27- Handyman Services

It’s not a big deal if you know the way around a toolbox! Here is the complete detail about the tools and equipment needed to start a handyman business.

28- Private Tutor

All you need to have is the ability to make your students understand the concepts!

29-  Teach English to Foreigners

Market your services in some areas populated by ex-pats and see how many people need you!

30- Ironing Service

People who have a high-end automatic washing machine still need a lot of time to iron clothes. Most of them hate it. Just pitch them and get your business!

31-  Pick & Delivery Laundry Service

It’s not a new idea, but always in high demand. You will find the market everywhere! Do check this laundry business plan guide and prepare a foolproof business plan for your laundry business.

32- Costume Jewellery

Design your own, but no worries if you cannot. Buy from the market, keep your profit, and sell it!

33- Knitting

If you are an expert in this niche, why not sell your handmade stuff for the best price!

34- Alteration/Sewing Services

Everyone wears clothes and so they need these services. Define your own market and start your business today!

35- Leaflet Distributing

If you are a student or an employed individual with a lot of outdoor work, why not add this in the To-Dos. Help others to help yourself!

36- Market Research

You may join online surveys or even get in touch with the local research companies who pay you for your opinion.

37- Musical Performance

If music is your passion, why not to perform in local events. You will get more audience and more business!

38- Virtual Assistant

If you spend a lot of time online, why not turn your fun time into a proper business.

39- Pet Grooming

All pet lovers want their pets to look fabulous, but of course, not all can do it on their own. To find such people and get your business!

40- Dog Walking

Animals love the outdoor and people who love their dogs but are not able to provide them the outdoor need your help! It’s a really good paying business!

41- Mobile Manicure/Pedicure Service:

Going to the parlor is not easy for all, especially those who are too busy with a lot of other works. It will work perfectly for them if you help them at home and they won’t bother to pay you extra as well.

42- At Home Hair Removal Service:

Waxing/Threading etc is tough stuff and if you provide it in a comfy place like their home, they will definitely love it and will pay extra too!

43- Niche Blogging:

Just write about your expertise, publish it, and get people on your blog. The money will come itself!

44- Rent Your Parking Space

You own parking space but have no car or have extra parking? Rent it out for additional income!

45- Rent Out Your Stuff

People need your lawnmowers, yacht, and stuff like that. Make it your side business to stay profitable!

46- Amazon Books

Love reading books? Do it for money! Write book reviews and make money selling the books through Amazon’s affiliate program.

47- Bid and Sell Lost Luggage

Auction houses from around the country routinely auction the lost luggage that the airlines have failed to match with their owners. All you need to do is to bid, buy, and sell stuff either in a local garage sale or on eBay. Profit depends on what’s in the bag!

48- Translation Service

If you are an expert in a second language, translation services are in high demand in the UK. Most of the offshore companies in the UK and especially those which have European headquarters in UK need translation services for localized content and construction marketing material.

49- Modeling

If you look model-like or can turn yourself into a model like a look with makeup and style, you can make good money with ads, photoshoots, or appearances in the events.

50- Website Designing & Development

It’s probably one of the highly demanded services as every business needs a website. If you have expertise in this niche, it can be a highly earning full-time business!

51- Photographer

Become a wedding or social photographer in some family or friends’ function and see how much is the demand! Everyone wants a beautiful picture of them that’s what only you can deliver them! Here is a detailed article on how to start a photography business with no money.

52- Wedding Planner

Do it for a friend first to see your potential and you will find a lot of customers if you can do this well! You may find this article about naming a wedding planner business interesting.

These are just a few ideas and you may bring any innovation on your own. However, many of these businesses will require you to have licenses and permits from local bodies to start operations. Do check out these guidelines to get your sole trader business registered in the UK or else if you have a partner, registering a partnership business in the UK will be a better idea.

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